PFW Part 3: Walking a PFW show, Valentino & Hermès // Vlog #68 | Aimee Song

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It’s days 7, 8 and 9 in Paris for Paris Fashion Week. Day 7 kicks off with Altuzarra. Then it’s lunch time with my baby Jacopo. Off to a fitting for Ralph Lauren. Then the Hermès show. And finally the Ralph Lauren event.

Day 8 was my big day walking the L’Oreal Paris show in Balmain! On the river in Paris! Then off to Valentino, and then dinner with Jared and Jacopo. It was so exciting to walk the show with such amazing inspiring women.

Day 9 was a shoot with my favorite Camila Coelho. Then lunch with Jared. And then came a special delivery from Cartier. Then it was a farewell team dinner, because my team is leaving Paris! 🙁 I’m staying for 2 more days, though!

Follow along as I travel the world with my family, friends, team & boyfriend. From New York to Paris, I will take you along on my journeys, and let you know what my Instagram life really looks like behind the scenes.

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Sharon says:

Nicholas I really enjoyed the recaps Aimee did on some Fashion Weeks in the past. Like what did she see, her view on it, what are we going to see coming seasons. And maybe you can then insert little snippets of the things she mentions from the show?

Sharon says:

I need the tea! What happened outside of the Valentino show?
Can anyone translate what the lady said or does anyone know?

mizzmolly says:

Aimee, let me know if you'd like to change lives – just for 8 weeks next summer. I do work overnight, but I get to sit on my ass while editing news copy.
Oh, and I can't do runway. I'm short.
How many times would I have to travel to Paris? And can I keep your freebies?
Oh, and I can't eat as much as you do. I'd be a little fat cow. Damn girl! You can eat!

edward lohan says:

What happened to part 2?

Riccardo Poletti says:

LOOOVE!! Paris is the best

Moonlight L says:

I love walking in to fashion shows and getting photographed scenes. It’s so cool and inspiring to me, not repetitive at all to me.

EJ Magistrado says:


Tina Teng says:

I do like seeing her enter and watch the fashion show 🙂 I love it~

sweetpeace5 says:

DAYUM bellboy smokin 🔥 Surprised you didn’t say,”thank you so much..YOU’RE so beautiful”😻

sweetpeace5 says:

So crazy you ended up saying you liked Valentino best..I was thinking it looked like a parade of shapeless black sacks😁

Sabirah Parker says:

The braids were really cute and worked so well with the outfit!! You are dope! ❤️

Lana P says:

Oh ok also I like how you've been editing the videos uve been giving Variety in shots and perspectives especially the different interior shots which is nice because Aimee is an interior designer + it's nice to see other parts of Paris and Milan etc besides just the fashion because the decor and the architecture is also inspiring…I like wen it cuts to mid conversation or the back of her walking in somewhere- it's very September Issue Doc style

Nicole Jonassen says:

we like seeing aimee being photographed in beautiful clothing!!

Lana P says:

Ok I have to know who that fly ass Asian chick was who had the corn rows walking next to u after the Valentino show !? Also was she the same one styling on set with u and Camella? Her style is bomb

Nicole Jonassen says:

the editing on these pfw vlogs is so bomb omg

Liam Abucasis says:

Ya just keep on putting them in.

mk mst says:

12:50– Where’s the lipstick you use on a car from???

Gloria Moon says:

Omg Nicholas is literally me when I sense drama. 😂

the fashioncloud says:


Ruth Kwon says:

Where’s your leopard dress from??

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