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Fragrances for WOMEN Best Colognes Favorites
Perfumes in this Video:
Marc Jacobs – Daisy
Valentino – Donna
Givenchy – L’Interdit
Dior – J’adore
Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gioia
Yves Saint Laurent – MON PARIS

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Jeremy Fragrance says:

His Youtube:
His Instagram: @leonardo_di_lovo_

carolina says:

Love this guest

American Citizen says:

I agree. Cloud from Ariana Grande smells amazing. One of my favorite women scents. It’s smells semi sweet, like marshmallows in a jar, and hints of high quality warm caramel, and like original pure white cotton candy with a hint of fire 🔥 smoked marshmallow. Top scent for females of any age imo.

Cindy Gonzales says:

What was the last perfume? The purple bottle.

N Mess says:

The Dr is his brother?! They look very alike!

anchor rope says:

1:00 "do you like ariana grande?"
"i dont know nothing about perfume but i like the smell"
"no, ariana grande"
"i never heard of it"
that was so adorable haha😂💖

shin m says:

dont u like chael chance EAU FRAICHE GREEN?????? V V V SURPRISING

Fiona Legrand says:

He seems to know quite a lot about the perfumes notes..we definitelt need this guy back to give some genuine opinions..Thanks..


Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Love Scent on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/love-scent-review/ Thanks, Lyndon.

Vicky says:

Jadore Dior
Hate it!!!!
Worst perfume I own

abunnieslife says:

Women spend hundreds on expensive floral perfumes but men notice and compliment the sweet and cheap scents more it’s very interesting.

Meri Meri says:

can u try anajared from milla jasmin.

SLSpencer says:

That is one man ladies should date. I can imagine the emotion and connection Dr Zoran has with his women.

catchmeifyoucan says:

Can u please tell us how Arab women smell so good all the time and what famous oud fragrances they use

Dave Jenkins says:

When you've got celebrity name on perfume, leave it well alone,,,,


How come JO MALONE AND VIKTOR AND ROLF arent on your list? i think those 2 are delicious🤔🤔🤔🤔..JO MALONE "BLUE AGAVE" VICTOR AND ROLF "FLOWER BOMB" there is another one that i cant remember right now fo me i like sweet vanilla,sugary cookies and cream smells not to flowery or roses even thow roses are my favorite flower JO MALONE you can create your own personal fragranc

Angela Hartley says:

All of this is up for interpretation !

Me Me says:

I love l’interdit

Dreamy Makeup says:

I Am italian! i don't like very much italian perfumes , i love french perfumes. I have got Mon Paris among these ones And wow It is Amazing. But Parisienne (always Ysl) is much more romantic like a love dream. Then if you really want to try out 1 very cheap one but still haute couture perfume .. Eclat d'arpege by Lanvin and Eclat de fleurs Lanvin (more suitable for summer) . On line you can find eclat d'arpege at
30 euros 100 ml , not kidding. In shops It is more expensive but if you tried Ariana Grande i highly recommend you Eclat d'arpege , that's a beaitiful fragrance .Have a wonderful day !

Gamze Öyünç says:

What do you think about Escada Collection

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