Paris Haul – Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Makeup, Skincare, Laduree, YSL, Guerlain

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Lorena Castillo says:

those boots are gorgeous :)

Stay True says:

Enjoyed your video. Very informative. Appreciated your spontaneity/excitement for luxe goods . . . so well articulated and bringing your A game.

LadyKoKo B says:

I am in my 60's and I love your videos too!

MMQS MM says:

I'm so happy I came across your channel , I love your opinion on everything. I'm a 44 year old and enjoy your videos

BaNter Entertainment: DIY with @fancienanc says:

Do a makeup tutorial or show off the pink shadow, lipstick & highlighter you bought so we can see it on ur face in the next video that would be so fun ???

Lisa says:

Yves rocher is the best the quality it's way better then bath and body works but I know what you mean. My fav face cream is the gel hydra vegetal. Also get the perfume So Purple it won't disappoint

BaNter Entertainment: DIY with @fancienanc says:

I love your pink products, we think alike! Xo @fancienanc ?

Shannon Wynne says:

Erica, I love your videos and your super positive presence! Every time I watch I just want more! Are you planning on uploading a lot of new content in this new year?

pientje2007 says:

I love it that you present a Hermes bag after Kiko cosmetics.

Exo Lover says:

its distracting that her top isnt in the middle of her boob

heyjude2109 says:

Great video!

Theresa Speicher says:

Loved your haul! I am also in my 40s and enjoy watching your videos :)

hermitaage says:

Love everything you got. You have an amazing taste. I also loved your Paris video. It's my favorite place in a world. Thank you for sharing.

amy jay says:

Hey gorgeous, Great haul xo from Belize

dorothexplorer says:

Hi Ericas! you are really my inspiration! you are NOT a regular engineer and i wish someday i can be a fashionable engineer like you (after i graduate and get some money!) lol

Flower Lv says:

Tks .i love yours video . Tks to share it so beatiful

nr-tour says:

good shopping in Paris by

Nada Lazarevski says:

omg did she just kiss the bag

R.Sterling Washington says:

I am beyond elated to have found your channel! Your personality is amazing and I'm in love with your purchases! You definitely just gained a subscriber

Fiorella elias says:

What size of shoe are you? It looks like a big size feet like 12.

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