Paris fashion week trends ❤ Alexis Mabille sping/summer 2015 pret-a-porte collection

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Hi guys! You often ask me to take you to a fashion show and today I’d like to invite you to the backstage of Spring/Summer 2015 pret-a-porte show of Alexis Mabille, a French rising star designer. The ready to wear collection that we’re going to see on the catwalk is called “My woman’s sport is fashion”, it’s chic and relaxed at the same time. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the collection! 🙂

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– paste Depolish, Wild Stylers by
– hairspray Infinium (for me, the light hold is the best!)

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connie whiteside says:

I wish they didn't walk so fast tho

TheGirlWhoMakesVideos says:

My favorites were the white and black dresses.

Dear Lilith,
I want to buy hair extensions but I don't know which one to buy. Should I buy Glam Time or Cashmere Hair?

Judy Midani says:

I loved the sparkly hoodie

Marta Menezes says:

Soooo coool ! I loved. Thank you so much for share.
You was really pretty, beautiful and elegant dress.
Love you.
Xx from Brazil
ps: I'm have troubles in my left eye bc of pc, my oftalmo said: stay away for a time so I'm trying..hehehe

Michelle Koekemoer says:

Wow alot of the pieces in the collection were very beautiful but there were also some outfits that were quite skimpy.

Frieda Gold says:

Personally I think Alexis Mabille is one of the most talented artists out there! He literally knows how to combine different types of textures to create a masterpiece of fashion! love everything about the collection! xx

Heather Stewart says:

Beautiful! I want all of it!

Suzette Webber says:

My God those girls/women are skinny and look so angry.  Someone give them permission to eat a sandwich!!  I'm sure the clothes are fine in Paris or London in certain sections, but in small town USA you'd look a bit outta place. lol 

María Fernández Barrientos says:

It seems to be so glamurous <3 Lilith can you please show us how to do the typical  2side  braid hairstyle bu with the extensions on? I cannot manage to hide them because the hair has to be like parted… please?

Eli Rm says:

Loved most of the dresses!

Tara Riley says:

Beautiful collection. However did u speed up the catwalk or did the models really walk that fast? If they did walk that fast, the designer must of been disappointed.

pyrofirechick says:

I love the skirts in the collection, so gorgeous 

Magosienne says:

Thanks, i love this collection. You look lovely in your pink dress.

celinabeubeu says:

The collection is amazing…..but the models are so skinny that most of the collection probably can not be adapt to "normal" people. Thanks for sharing.Kiss

MiaoCeci says:

Lovely collection, but i prefere your hair style;) you are the best!^.^

Jona Co says:

I would wear the whole collection! Wow

Qy Amelia says:

OMG…you are so lucky,I wanna go there to Paris fashion week and I like the dresses and clothes

Doll Faced Beauty says:

What a gorgeous collection! 

Ultramarine Waters says:

Wow Lilith this was a wonderful experience! The clothes were so beautiful and wearable! I hope you are enjoying October! 

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