Paris-Bombay Métiers d’Art 2011/12 Show Trailer – CHANEL

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Paris-Bombay Métiers d’Art 2011/12 fashion show in Paris on December 6th View the full video of the show at Soundt…

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1anaisanais says:

…Exotic and Charming…!!!

ednalully says:

love the style n fashion very cool

Hsueh Momo says:

This is not real India…

Ivan Alvarez says:

Andrew Charles Bishop says:

Now this is a fashion show! I love the toy train pulling the decanters
around the tables.

Eli Lazo says:

neta esta irreal!
CHANEL Paris-Bombay Métiers d’Art 2011/12 Show trailer

Junko Suzuki says:


Chanel Margot says:

Francisco Estrada says:

Chanel december Runway in Bombay!! impressive.

Superstylin*™ says:

“Fantasy is better than reality. ~ Karl Lagerfeld | CHANEL Pre-Fall |
Paris-Bombay Métiers d’Art 2011/12 Show {via +InStyle}

zeynep turan says:


yuji katsuma says:

Luxury exotic runway show by Chanel.

Wendy YdNewStyle says:

Beautiful; Chanel would have loved this combination. 

Elizabeth Lobato Peixoto says:

Khadija Adbili says:

32515 says:

i like gaultier version for hermes few years ago, i’m sorry karl lagerfeld
needs to be replaced asap with phoebi philo, chanel was always about
classic minimal sportswear. Karl is like modern in the 80s, the man needs
to retire for the sake of fashion. his spring 2012 collection was
atrocious. i’m sure i am going to get a backlash for this comment, but
everyone is entitled for their own opinion.

Purebunny29 says:

@peachymilky do you think the food was real or props? i wonder..

Imaculada Souza says:

I love indian models. Is exotic and charming.

Angie Roytgolz says:

The Style!! Luxury absolute!!

music dewd says:


Sonia Lee says:

love chanel

RaverWild says:

I am Chanel lover, but I don’t like this – while the design is incredible,
la palette is consisted of such dark colors. Totally degelace.

Gawad Adham says:

Such extravagance , is just shameful, All this money and effort could be
put to much better use !!

Lebec DeWeese says:

Seriously love this show and collection..

MysteryFanGirl says:

What a Feast to the Eyes! Such beautiful Design & Detail, Love the passing
Train Serving Wine at 1:50 Only Karl would thought of including somenthing
like that. jajaja

Elinor O' D says:

Not too sure about the metallics.. I know it makes the collection more
modern and edgy, but it just doesn’t do it for me. The styles are beautiful

nessim bensimon says:

très beau, j espère qu ils ont distribué toute cette nourriture à des
nécessiteux ….

patrickstar24 says:

Gorgeous translation between Paris and India! Although maybe Paris to
Jaipur would be more apt than Bombay. Loving the embedded glass-like
embroidery on the nehru jackets.

blissHeavenly says:

Astounding xx

themaus says:

@DarkoErrorcore I quite like how they try to incorporate different styles
in their works… it’s nice to see variety, methinks. personally i don’t
think this is one of their best collections, but i do like it a lot!

Vpromotion7 says:


Carla Souto says:

I don’t appreciate the lack of indian models

dorothy tico says:

oh .. I like the first girl design

Celeste Mazzariol says:

MY GOD! AMAZING! the little train at 1:50

ClaudioCorrade says:


consueloponde says:

A beleza é imortal ! se as condições do povo são infimas e profundamente
desiguais , a sua Cultura milenar não se a caba .

GioVashakidze says:

you don’t say? read the description

guanjing pan says:

一場時尚秀就金包銀 非洲的孩子真可憐 桌上水果結束都丟了吧!!

elenavlada says:

@DarkoNarcissist you just cant pull it off, thats why ur hatin

MariaJoseOrtegaArena says:

Always outstanding. Over the top…

brentybabes says:

Looks like they’re beginning to cater for the wealthy arab market, its very
nice look for a modern muslim lady

Ruby Alvirde says:

Dreadlocks never looked so beautiful like this

iseulna says:


wisnu germanotta says:

nice place Nd Elegant dresses, I Love It ┌(˘⌣˘♥)ʃƪ(♥˘⌣˘)┐

Prachiti Parakh says:

The model at 2:40 looks like she has mastered the graceful Indian sari
walk. <3 Beautiful collection. Chanel brings my faith in fashion back. <3

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