Paris-Bombay Métiers d’Art 2011/12: Details of the Collection – CHANEL

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Details of the CHANEL Paris-Bombay Métiers d’Art 2011/12 fashion show. View the full video of the show at Soundtra…

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aishah abdelnoor says:

u do understand india is diverse..these women could be indian
look up celina jaitley,katrina kaif,etc
all indian women

Nicholas Fournie says:

@pozionmynd that was probably the most uneducated comment I’ve ever seen… Their not 15… And their not dressed scandalous in anyway so I don’t know that dirty thoughts people would be thinking….

BillundBerries says:

it would have been nice to see indian models considering its paris-bombay, not just paris.

Ольга Теслюк says:

Я надеялась увидеть индийских моделей хотя бы в Мумбае

Alicia Salvati says:

me encanta 🙂

Mrbest soylatte says:

please, where can i find the jewelery/accessoires of the Bombay collection now in 2013 ???? Are they still available?

IshyIMB017 says:

They’re not 15 years old, most of them are over 18, models mostly don’t have breasts because boobs are mostly made of fat which is what most models and female athletes don’t have. Also that’s something women can’t control, some have big breast, some don’t. All we can do is use breast implants, but that’s just not natural. Either way, these women are gorgeous anyways, it’s not quantity, it’s quality.

tiger valentine says:

love this

Katarzna Czarnik says:

CHANEL moving from PRINT to VIDEO for models, is sort of like actresses going from silent to talkies, some models just can’t do it

scarletvalentine says:

Great collection and all…but considering he is using a whole culture as an inspiration…it would be kind of nice if there were some models from India…Cause they have stunning women. It just kind of sticks out like a sore thumb and irritates me severely. Also it’s Mumbai…Bombay is associated with Colonial rule and it was renamed in 1995. Oh Lagerfeld. Still..very pretty

lauren burgelin says:

I was looking more at the headdresses and jewelry than the clothes

pozionmynd says:

why dont models ever have any boobs….. oh cause they are all 15 thats right… you sick dirty fucks should be arrested i know what you are thinking…

JenseninBrizo . says:

this is one of the nicest collections yet!

pinkpeachfizzle says:

Crystal Renn! 1:01 :DD

skylilly1 says:

Wow…just Wow!!

lucashuseth12 says:

French girl gone all india…

arevalo56 says:

I love all of Karl’s work. I have died and woke up in heaven.

Mieki Kin says:

beautiful traditional 

Ricardo Hernandez says:

Gorgeous collection!! Does anyone know the name of the model @1:22 she looks awfully familiar, is she a returning veteran model??

Sir Painter says:


iLindah says:

the men are gorgeous in this collection too

DiddlyBeau says:

beautiful video, interesting setting, clean viewpoint, American Girl gone all India 🙂

sally coco says:

It’s not about the models’s about everything else but the models.

MarthheH says:


JakubLankas says:


Marian H says:


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