Our Current Favorite LOUIS VUITTON Items & WHY!!

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This is my Oldest friend Tori and these are our current favorite Vuitton items and why!!
There are some great point in this video that may help you decide on items too!
Thanks for watching
Hope you Enjoy

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Items mentioned
Louis Vuitton Josephine Wallet Red
Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Monogram
Louis Vuitton Monogram Shawl Amarante
Louis Vuitton Alma BB Vernis pomme d’amour
Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Case MM Monogram
Louis Vuitton Multicles 4 ring Multicolor Noir
Louis Vuitton Dragone Strap
Louis Vuitton Favorite PM Monogram
Louis Vuitton Cles Monogram
Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Case PM Multicolour Noir
Louis Vuitton Montaigne MM Monogram

Tanya’s Video on the Dragone strap

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What I am wearing
pants-Just Jeans Jeans
Watch- Guess Limited Edition
Arm Candy- EllandEmm
Necklace- EllandEmm & Onecklace
Nail Polish- Essence ‘Dare it Nude 162’

What Victoria is wearing
Jacket-Zoe Wittner Black leather jacket
pants- Asos black Jeans Jeans
Shawl-Louis Vuitton Black monogram

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CC Mug
Tea Ford Mug
Girl Boss Tee
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FTC Disclaimer:
These Items were bought with my own money
Strictly All opinions are my own

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TrackTitle: “Just Beginning (Covert Keys Mix)”
Find this Track at : http://ccmixter.org/files/blakeht/43140

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Pamela Castro says:

Hi,I want to get a new bag but I'm not sure wich one to get. I only have the speedy in damier ebene and one in monogram also and my new monogram delightful mm . I'm trying to decide between the neverfull gm or the delightful mm in damier ebene . Any other suggestions?1 second ago•

AnnaGLAM_CHIC 86 says:

Montaigne ???

Helina Alaestante says:

Couldn't understand the beauty of alma bb when the first time saw it, but now I am totally into it.

alyssa gallegos (alyssa gallegos) says:

My alma PM is my life

NYCBrat says:

LOLOL! Pup 'n Pouch! Tori picks up Rosie wearing her gorge little fuchsia sweater just as you begin discussing your fuchsia lined Multicolore pouch and of course they match just perfectly, pup 'n pouch — too cute! 🙂 Fun watching you guys, lifelong friends are the best… nice to meet you Tori thanks for saying hi xx

SolSeaSky says:

I really enjoyed this video!  It really gave a awesome grasp on what you not only love but what is practical to use on a day to day basis!  You should do one of these every month and update us on you favorite everyday pieces!  Great to know which pieces are the most functional!

Dawn Scott says:

I love Louis vuitton lol

Dawn Scott says:

You are great love your bags I Louis Vuitton the only thing I carry what lv do u carry now

Picab0o says:

Loved it! Please make more videos you two! 

miapt4you says:

Great video. Your videos are so inspiring/enabling. LOL. So happy my fabulous SA was able to find me a dragonne amovible!!! Took a while, but we got it. Love it and am using it on my LV 6 Key holder. Got it Friday. And funny, that the day after I got it they became available on their website. Go figure. Anyways, thanks for your videos…. They always make me smile…. Along with they make me want to add to my collection. God willing, my next will be a Zippy Compact. Cindy :)

lovehermadly50 says:

Loved it with the two !!! You both work really great together!!! Like peas and carrots!! Lol,….??????????????

Kev_Web luxury says:

you both could rock a haircare campaign! Your hair is gorgeous!!!

Diana Jean says:

I love that YouTube allows us all to share our loves like an international girls club???

belinda jess says:

That alma BB is beyond stunning!

pamalou208 says:

Loved watching this! Apart from loving all the favourites, I love your dog! I have favourite LV's but most of all I love my dog, a Bichon Frise  called… Rosie! Much love from England xx

TifFani Fox B says:

Does your friend has youtube video? I love to see more vernis pieces or other non-canvas pieces. xoxo

Shannon Stuart says:

Great video love your accessories & bags???

louisesunshinesimone says:

this video is sooo cute!

Deepa Bala says:

Beautiful items and you both are beautiful !!

reeseniece says:

Like all the rest of your videos this was very informative love how you gave another way to wear my favorite mm ;thanks ?

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