oprah hermes

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oprah hermes.

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adremma123 says:

Well according to Oprah there were people shopping inside (probably white people), a fact which HERMES didn’t deny. So the store was closed to HER because they didn’t think she looked chic enough. That is the fact of the matter and the whole truth. Why else would Hermes go to such extreme to apologize and even admit that the employee that turned Oprah away was both rigid and RUDE!
I hate that people pretend as if prejudice no longer exists. It does exist and this was a clear example of such!

gigalonupe says:

As for the store being racist or not I have no idea, but one would only have to come on this vid to see the racism manifest itself through the joy people have shown at her being denied. So called “negros” wake up and realize your enemy has not changed. Shalom

MissBiguk says:

I don’t even understand why Hermes issued an apology to Oprah. She acted like a brat. I don’t know how they do things in America, but I think they were right to deny her entry.

unboomer says:

This horse-faced racist product of diversity and affirmative action needs to be checked more often. No one knew her in Paris – HAHAHAHAHA ego slammed to the ground Oprah….you’re a nobody once again.

KuBi4K says:

And i’m pretty sure she started yelling “Call the manager right now !” , which made things worse.

– 6:45 IS after 6:30.
– They were expecting people in the shop for a private event, which means they surely had to prepare some stuffs for it.
– She doesn’t have a “famous face” in France (/ Europe), so she could not use here I’m-a-star-gtfo gold card.

KuBi4K says:

“Shopping 101”: Page 1.
If you see a sign with “9:00 am – 6:30 pm” on it, it means you are not supposed to enter the shop before 9 and after 6:30.
That’s easy to understand ?
That’s not a racist thing at all.
Maybe Ms Winfrey thought she could enter the shop because she is famous.
Maybe it works for famous people, but Oprah Winfrey is not famous in Europe (or maybe in the 51st sta… England).
Plus it is said that the shop was hosting a private events right after.

Blake DaBombLife says:

american indians certainly do care about hermes. do your research before you post meaningless videos.

shjtyu says:

So, what about when Oprah, first started to make a little money and she’s in NY with her hairdresser shopping at expensive stores and before they would go into some stores, white women would stop them and say,”Oh, are you going into this store? It’s very expensive.” What that means is, “I don’t think you can afford this store. Better go back to shopping at your local mall or something!”

nono3602 says:

And our best customer come from other country, so how can you say ” france descriminates everybody ” … pffff
You are the one racist against french in this story…

nono3602 says:

Oh my god!
I’m salesman in this Store! and i can promise you, this is one of the most lovely store in Paris.
Everybody is very nice and polite with everybody.
I never got a problem with anybody.
the store close at 6.30 pm ! that is all!
Its not because you are very wealthy that we must open the door for you…

Its not a problem of color.. oh my god! wake up!

Little Bugoy says:

the truth is… france descriminates everybody. Black or white, they dont give a shit about you unless you’re french. Thats how they are and they dont see anything wrong with it. So F*CK FRANCE.

gazmusc says:

Oprah went to the store at 6:45pm before checking that the store closed at 6:30pm. She was refused entry because there was a PR event taking place. She was pissed off because she was treated like an ordinary human being for once… OH, HOW TERRIBLE FOR HER!! Then one of her people made it into a race issue which it clearly wasn’t. Who does this woman think she is.?

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