Oops! She did it again | Unboxing | Chanel 19s Iridescent Beige Jumbo

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Carly H says:

My fave colour from 19s is the beige, then the pink then the black, then blue 😍 I love all the iridescent, congrats

Carly H says:

You girls are so funny, love how excited you are! Rightly so! Big hugs from Australia x

Forest Hills says:

Hi, I just purchased the same iridescent beige jumbo flap as well.  I read some mixed reviews on the quality not being great in this line as opposed to previous seasons.  People say that the leather is thinner and harder to care for.  Since you and your sister have multiple Chanel bags, how would you say this iridescent line measure up?  It was a big investment for me so I'm hoping the quality is not as poor as they say!

Yoshea Lux says:

I would love to see your sisters Chanel collection! Oh yes! That tan bag is gorgeous! But I’m a sucker for pink bags. So the pink Chanel is what I like! I think the pink is so gorgeous! I favor pink hands down! Fun video!! ❣️💕

Kate_Mnl says:

I prefer that beige one than the pink but both are definitely gorgeous. Congrats to your sister!

Coffee lovercc says:

omg i love your channel <3 you guys are so funny <3

scarlett1854 says:

Pretty bag! I love watching you, Amy, you are so fun! You and your sister have so much fun together, and you make me smile. Enjoy your beautiful new addition, Sarah! 😊

MSpanders10 says:

I love the video's with you and your sister. The bag is gorgeous!

Phoebe Mirar says:

Go girls enjoy life

Flo In The City says:

O.M.G!!! It’s stunning!!! Huge congratulations to Sarah! I love beige but the added iridescent just makes it so much more special!! Your reaction when you first saw the bag was priceless!! 🥰 I’m sure you can borrow the bag anytime…sister love right?! 😆 TFS this amazing purchase. I can dream some more now…lol Have a wonderful week ahead my friend! 🌷🌷🌷

scarletfire28 says:

Gorgeous bag!

CinYungLove says:

oh my good i love this beige color… maybe if i need to choose, i will choose this beige than pink one.. hard to choose.. Congratulation to ur sister, Amy.. Happy…

Amy Wong says:

Please comment and let me know which color do you like? Iridescent Beige or Iridescent Pink? Love you all 💙

trea M says:

Yay!! Congratulations and can't wait for the next house tour and collection video 😍!!

From Jen with Hope says:

I love you guys so much!! “I don’t know if I will scream as loud”😅😅😅 This color is seriously the most beautiful I have ever seen!! And it looks beautiful on your skin tones!!!

Jill Maurer says:

Love the iridescent beige. It's beautiful! xoxo

Accounting For Fashion says:

You guys are just so fun together, you give me idea to film with my sister also. She is on buying spree lol. I had the beige classic bag but did t work out for me but this iridescent one is lovely ☺️


Wow, congratulations 🎊🍾🎉 🎈 to your sis. This is so gorgeous and it is what I’m missing. So much fun to watch your guys. Thank You so much dear for sharing ❤️

irishque ahmad says:

love to see ur sis is so cool while u are in awe..LOL

misscoco727able says:

You guys brighten my day and always make me laugh! Thank you for making videos💙

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