“Once and Forever,” interviews with Kristen Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin – CHANEL

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Karl Lagerfeld’s new film that goes behind the scenes of a biopic on Gabrielle Chanel, starring Kristen Stewart, Geraldine Chaplin, Jérémie Elkaïm, François Marthouret, Amanda Harlech, Jamie Bochert, Jake Davies, Baptiste Giabiconi and Laura Brown.
The film premiered at Cinecittà, Rome on December 1st before the presentation of the Paris-Rome 2015/16 Métiers d’Art collection.

Watch the film at https://youtu.be/6O2gmRPj-UI

Title: “For You”
Performed by Stinky Toys
Lyrics by Elli Medeiros, Music by Jacno
Label: © Warner Chappell Music France, BMG Rights Management (France) and Alpha Editions
(p) 1979 Vogue

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Евгения Лоскутникова says:

Кристен Стюарт? Серьезно?? У нее одна эмоция на лице!

Игровой канал Rомchicа Нест says:

русские есть?Или только Америкосы?

rubia menjivar says:

she is my crush

isidora almuna says:

I love Kristen so much.

Carol Strong says:

Kristen SLAYING!! Haters gonna hate :*

Zachery Bonner says:

mustafa abi bu introda çaldığın şarkının adını yorumumun altına yazarsan çok mutlu olurum yada bilen varsa şarkının adını yazsın.
Dont forget subscribe this channel ^^

5thElemnt says:

This was fascinating. I often wonder what Coco was really like. Kristen's thoughts are very interesting. Karl captured he well. She is a beautiful actress. I love Karl's prespective and creativity. Art.

Yunoki Rioja says:

She is the most beautiful woman i think I've seen and the very best person just like I want to be.

La ki says:

now i see kristen in the best light and I'm staring to like her. she's so.. herself and thats what i really appreciate about person.

Xinyi ZHAO says:

Anybody know the name of this song?

strawberry89girl says:

she's really pretty. charismatic girl

Mayra lei says:

Excelente actriz, para ser coco chanel- es increíble, wow que sea lo mejor para ella y que le vaya muy bien, bien hecho!

Ana Karen Ochoa Madrid says:

Excellent job, congratulations to all this people.

Sofia Nunes says:


Jawaher Otb says:

ah god kristen is perfect at everything she do <3

Yasmine ouldh says:

I cryed because I want to be a movie maker and this bts just speaked to my heart

Hans Franz says:

Ein "Hoch"! auf Geraldine. ?


kristen ah <3

Mayito Zegarra says:

Omg I just just want her like I just I really like her omg

Jéssica Rodigues says:


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