“Once and Forever,” film by Karl Lagerfeld starring Kristen Stewart & Geraldine Chaplin – CHANEL

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Karl Lagerfeld’s new film that goes behind the scenes of a biopic on Gabrielle Chanel, starring Kristen Stewart, Geraldine Chaplin, Jérémie Elkaïm, François Marthouret, Amanda Harlech, Jamie Bochert, Jake Davies, Baptiste Giabiconi and Laura Brown.
The film premiered at Cinecittà, Rome on December 1st before the presentation of the Paris-Rome 2015/16 Métiers d’Art collection.

Watch the interview with Kristen Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin at https://youtu.be/oGkHaZKcEho

Title: “For You”
Performed by Stinky Toys
Lyrics by Elli Medeiros, Music by Jacno
Label: © Warner Chappell Music France, BMG Rights Management (France) and Alpha Editions
(p) 1979 Vogue

Title: “Pa Que Bailen Los Muchachos”
Artists: Enrique Cadicamo, Anibal Troilo
© Warner Chappell Music Argentina
℗ D&D Producciones
Courtesy Warner Chappell Music France

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Ron Villejo says:

As a commercial ad, this is very beautiful and stylish, even evocative. But as a short film, it's terrible story-telling. It's basically a mashup of the young Coco (Stewart) and old Coco (Chaplin), and the disjointed segments are better suited for a 20- to 30-second commercial, where an evocative effect doesn't require logic or flow. Tom Tykwer et al ("Cloud Atlas") and Alejandro González Iñárritu ("Babel"), for example, were masterful at creating a film that Lagerfield seems to be striving for: shifting between past and present, and weaving multiple plot lines together.

Cadbury Cadbury says:

Kristen is an amazing actress.. ??

Nabila Nindya says:

The sass is real

Zabrisha Smith says:

Every time I see these movies I get my hopes up thinking you will have a diverse cast and have women of color. You seem to only care about the money they spend on your products and not the individuals behind them, at least not the ones of rich pigment. "Once and Forever" so you say and you claim that your products are for all women. Yet I have never ever seen acceptance of the beauty and the diversity in the entire human race. Women of color have been here since the beginning of time yet in your idea of forever they are non existent. Your disclaimer should be, "Our view of beauty is only for women who's skin tone is not darker than a white peach. However, we gladly accept the money from you others." This is shameful but who at Chanel is willing to claim responsibility?

Edit: I went to your website to buy foundation and noticed that you have none for dark skinned women. This is what tipped the iceberg for me. And what did I get? Some lousy corporate response that was just a well stated "no, you're not included."

Poy says:

mettre la vidéo en mode annonce donc non visible dans les premieres secondes de la page choisie avec la saisie d'un autre thème que vous pensez voir apparaître en haut puis si vous faites pas gaffe vous cliquez dedans (j'espère que ça porte bonheur…) tout ça pour avoir plus de clicks : minable!

Creyo Wu says:

Kris is such a dead fish being a actor

Nívea Martins says:


Edith Cardenas says:

Beautiful kristen!!??

sojourner duhart says:

God I just love Kristen.

Valen Basilio says:

I'm really in love with her performance. She an unique actriss, and as understandable as human.

Sandra E says:

I feel like Kristen Stewart is soo anxious all the time!!! I cant watch her 

Joshalots says:

I want to punch Kristen's face with my mouth

Adrian Rami says:

Did we all forget she can't be trusted in around married man! Look everyone Someone with out morals and even less talent!

enrique olivera calves says:

….el camarero

Carolina River says:


MyTeenLifeLoLTV says:

So is this like "behind-the-sceneception"??? So they're filming a biopic for Coco Chanel but the real story is what it's like behind the scene of the filming, but it's not actually behind the scene, it's the actual plot. Anyone get it?? loll

Ely Maldonado de Alfaro says:

she just can´t act -.-

Arcieri Keness says:

Yuck! Great ideal of a short film but Kristen is awful. There's no grace, no feminine feel from her… she comes off so boyish!

Iternal Muser says:

Omg she's a terrible actress!! Just let it go! Jamie Bochert though <3 <3

naoyuki miyawawa says:

with a cat is good situation?
thank you.

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