Odd-Arne Jacobsen with Orchestra -Georgia on my mind

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Odd-Arne Jacobsen with symphonic Orchestra recorded live on Norwegian Television in the 1980s.

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Sonya Abott says:

this is music is so beautiful!

Mario Adretti says:

totally cool version!

Mike Lindley says:

did Ray heard this one?

younglucylu says:

Odd-Arne Jacobsen – your guitar sings here!

Moka Soul says:

are they from Sweden?

marcguez83 says:

wow, YT can surprise me so positively from time to time 🙂

Marge Mistrani says:

wow, i do not know what he was saying on the beginning, but the music is stunning

AntKutchbaum says:

Thanks for all that people who share this video clip xDxD

rennylaster says:

I definitely appreciate work you placed in preparing this video

Ann Korne says:

cant get over this tune… in particular in your interpretation it sounds so freaking delightful 😀

Jan Galea says:

appreciate this 😉

Alison Martun says:

this particular cover… is just fantastic in all the ways you can imagine.

Laura Beckmann says:

favored this video

Wendy Sterlia says:

just do not speak and take pleasure from this exceptional sound 😉

Olivia Bosmothoe says:

This should get featured here 😛

Millena Bagabund says:

Isnt it a gift from god to be capable of playing such a song, even better than original!

Agatha Timothian says:

i love it one hundred %

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