O.M.G Whats in my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

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Wooohoooo Hey guys so I finally did it and I’m so excited to share this with you guys 🙂 I am a proud owner of a Louis Vuitton woo woo. Thank you for watchin…

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Lucy Lu MommyCouture says:

Thank You Linda : ) I am loving it more and more everyday.

Linda K says:

Congrats to your new bag! Love the Speedy <3

Lucy Lu MommyCouture says:

Thank You MNicoleChic, You should totally do a whats in my bag when you get it and link it to me : )

MNicoleChic says:

Love your bag. This will be my next LV bag.

Lucy Lu MommyCouture says:

Thank you Fash Era your very pretty 🙂

Lucy Lu MommyCouture says:

Thank you I am defenitly enjoying my bag 🙂  you are sweet

SuperXatruch says:

Congrats on your pre loved. Your bag is gorgeous : )

Fash Era says:

hey girl !! realy cool videol…!! keep them coming :D

Lucy Lu MommyCouture says:

: ) Thank You sweety i am going to follow the advises given to me on this because i don’t know squat about LV’s. This is such an amazing bag i totally agree with you i love mine to ♥. Do you have a video on your Bag? i would love to see it if you do. Have a great day

Lanee McKay says:

Don’t do anything to zipper let it color of age on its own I have the exact same purse i love it XD

Lucy Lu MommyCouture says:

I meant sweet 🙂 i cant beleive they charged you that much 🙁

Lucy Lu MommyCouture says:

Thank you for the tip i will defenetly let it age that way i can see tge process of it turning. You are so sweer 🙂 i feel old

darine13cesar says:

Also when I went in the replace my zipper pull the cost was 70.00 plus tax. Plus I have to wait four weeks to get it back. So lucky you. Glad everything worked out for you and in less than 10 min. And free! Thanks for sharing your story =)

darine13cesar says:

Do do nothing to the zipper pull let it age with you. Also when you open your bag ,pull it from the brass zipper not the leather pull. I love how excited you feel I know the feeling… You look so young never would guess you have three kiddos. You look fab!

Lucy Lu MommyCouture says:

Thanks Hun : ) i am so so happy pretty obvious tho. Thank you for your comment i will check out your Video. Have an awesome day Love.

YYCCouture says:

Congratulations on your preloved LV speedy 30:) I love mine, I have the Azur and Monogram and I will probably buy the Damier Ebene to complete my collection! Check out my video YYCCouture, I’m new to YouTube.

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