NYX Top 30: Beauty and The Beast Inspired Tutorial (Haute Couture)

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vote here: http://www.faceawards.com/video/457

so the NYX face awards begins today and this first journey was a rough but beautiful one and im thankful… Hear me out. It began with not being able to use my Emma Watson tutorial. I panicked. Transformations is what I am best at doing so not being able to pull out my best weapon was terrifying. I had to dig deeper and record a new look super last minute. So I did! But the video failed too. It just wasnt what I envisioned. So I felt stuck and a bit hopeless. Especially with being stuck using only the products I brought on the trip and having just one day left to replace my first idea. Then I came up with another new look. Its not the most crazy look ive ever done but it became the most meaningful one. It was suppose to rain heavily yesterday. And I stayed up the night before asking for the universe to be in my favor just this once. I woke up the next morning and though it said the chance of rain was high, it didnt rain. It didnt rain until i was finished. And the most magical part about this journey is that I met these kids who were originally from England. And they didnt wanna leave my side. they said this was the first time theyve ever seen a “princess” in person. Right there is when they INSPIRED me. Although i couldnt record the vision i originally had because they wanted to stay, theyve changed the direction of my intro to something with a much greater purpose than just a show offy intro. And that is why im thankful for the hardships ive endured. This moment could have never happened. Hardships have a purpose.

– Nyx foundation and color correct concealer
– Nyx glitter primer and gold glitter 05
-Nyx yellow eyeliner
-Nyx super fat marker eyeliner
-Nyx wicked lashes
-Nyx more to love mascara
-Nyx lip pencils in brick house and red tape
-Nyx blush in Nude to me



music credit: Audio Network

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Jbunzie says:

hi babies!! make sure to check out my description bc it would mean the world to me and you can vote here: http://www.faceawards.com/video/457

Jessica de Groen says:

You. Are. Gorgeous.
My oh my

Rosa Klochkov says:

Yea! gorgeous love this look so much!

K * says:


Konstigo says:

How is she always so beautiful?

Katie Jones says:

So gorgeous! And I love how the kids got to meet their first "princess" so cute!

pixie sam says:

she looks amazing on this one but this was too simple for the the contest 🙁 but still I'm still rooting for u!!

Angela Biotrucco says:

Stunning look! I realized Belle's hairstyles ?

Mkkio Harts says:

Even though it's simple it's done her elegantly and well done 🙂

sketchlog 138 says:

I am so sorry that your original video idea didnt work out…I really hope you get another chance for the next round. Ill make sure to vote for you! Good luck (you seriously deserve it. Your transformations are wonderful)!!

Jes says:

Sooo awesome!! Best one there is, If you look at the other NYX submissions they are all the same.They are good but Jbunzie stands out from the other submissions. Jbunzie shows what true royal is all about which is giving love and instead of materialistic she shows compassion and true love from the heart!Which is such a beautiful message.

Sofi Mendez says:

I feel like you and Nephi Garcia (designerdaddy_ on insta) would just be the perfect combo for a collab <3

Phoenix.EAH says:

So pretty! I love the look, good job!!♥♡

MinmayIdol says:

I gave you all three votes you deserve t I've haven't seen anyone else transform into other people as well as you do

kitty cat says:


Aly Gabrielle says:

I voted!! when I looked on the nyx face awards site it seemed like everyone else was trying to be too original that they all ended up doing the same type of thing. Jessica was one of two do to actual royalty. all of the rest were either creepy or too over the top

joanne stansberry says:

i love bell

María Zulema Vila says:

you have to do Hannah Baker makeup

mia. jayne says:

her dress is AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!

fuzzycats12 says:

I gave you all 3 of my votes today, I'll do my best to remember to do it again tomorrow!

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