NYC Haul + Unboxing : Louis Vuitton & Chanel

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Welcome back to my channel, thank you for joining me today for a special video. My husband and I went to New York City yesterday, Sat. Dec 13, 2014, and had …

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Jill Lewis says:

Hurray! Congratulations on your lovely purchases. I would enjoy seeing
the bag in more detail including what fits in it.

Lynnette Bradley says:

Wow gorgeous, gorgeous bag and SLG. I love the color, red is my favorite.
Congrats on getting such lovely additions to your collection…..enjoy
them all in good health. Take care

Serafina Recalcitrant says:

Omgosh!!! Congrats. I luv the versatility of your Pallas chain bag. It’s
fantastic. Please do a review of how much this bag/clutch/crossbody can
hold. The vernis cerise zippy is awesome. Hugs, Kiki

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Hey Lovely. Congratulations on getting so many beautiful items. I love
all of them. The bag is so pretty and elegant. I am fairly new to Louis
Vuitton (over a year). Like you, I am Team L.V. all the way. Happy
Holidays :-))

MSpanders10 says:

So excited for you, I see you got the lovely Empreinte key cles in the
cerise! You will love that beauty. I am pausing the video and my guess is
going to be an alma bb in a vernis print, cerise color????

Sandra Bembibre Lindström says:

Ok…. Love that bag!!!!!! You did good…… Would love to see a what’s in
my bag too see how much you can carry…..

Linda Klinton says:

Looooove it all. Congrats to your new pieces ❤️. Xoxo

Paula Bauer says:

Wow, I love that bag, she´s so beautiful, can you make a Video, what´s you
carry in it.

BobbyLovesLV says:

Aaaahhhhh Pallas chain. Gorgeous 

MSpanders10 says:

Well I was wrong 🙂 but wow is she gorgeous!!!! Love the pop of color
and love the style. Congratulations all your new beauties will look so
pretty inside. Like you I love LV the best. :-)

Sandra Bembibre Lindström says:

Please….. Let it be the Alma in cerise!!!!!! It is def on my wish list
after I got the Sarah in the cerise……. Ok… Will keep on watching!!!!!

belinda jess says:

I would love to see a review including what fits inside. I’d also love to
see mod shots showing where it hits cross body. 

arentUlovely says:

That bag is gorgeous, and the hardware was sparkling like crazy when you
took her out of the dustbag. Congrats on all of the pieces, and enjoy.

Travel Addict says:

Congratz on ur new bag! Luv it! I tried the st.germain PM. I luv the light
chain…(not like chanel’s chain -heavy). i am still thinking should I get
it or not? But I am actually still looking for a bigger tote that can used
as a crossbody, but I havent found the one I really want yet. Thinking
about the speedy 30 boundeliere imprente. 😉 I love LV because they r very
durable and strong in any kind of weather. Thanks for sharing. 

Nicole Novo says:

Beautiful haul my friend! I hope you had fun on your trip to the city! I
want to go and stay at the plaza hotel in NYC one day, it’s on my bucket
list! I love the Chanel makeup, Its so pretty! The Louis vuitton
accessories are adorable! I am starstruck by your new LV bag! It’s so
beautiful Ashley and so are you!

Noman Hidayat says:

Ur bag is beautiful..plz do detailed review with modelling shot

BobbyLovesLV says:

Alma bb?! Cerise

CapeCodBelle says:

I love the Cerise color, especially in the Vernis ZCP. You look especially
cute wearing your glasses and pink lipstick!

Christy J says:

Lucky girl!!! What great purchases…Love all the reds!!!

M. Yonder says:

Aww, I was wrong! Beautiful handbag!! I love your videos.

The PurseFreak says:

OH SNAP! That bag is HOT!

Frozen Luxury says:

Oh wow!!! I hope you had a wonderful trip! I love NYC! Ok so I was way off
when I was guessing what bag you picked out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! The
new color is amazing, enjoy!

Szys says:

Gorgeous!! I love everything!!

M. Yonder says:

The Bastille PM in Cerise?

Pikot says:

Great haul! You have an amazing collection. Looking forward to your next

The PurseFreak says:

Something in Cerise!!!!!

Kelly Robinson says:

It’s gorgeous everything.

Robina Mcknight says:

Beautiful Haul

Helmi Ulicki says:

nice unboxing, lighting is terrible, can’t see a thing up close.

louisesunshinesimone says:

Speedy 30 Empreinte leather in Orient is my guess 

Sofia Silva says:

Oh my goood!! Don’t tell me it’s the louis vuitton x Christian loubutin!!

BillionaireEmpire says:


Sofia Silva says:

Ok.. It wasn’t

Dawn Wright says:

Palas chain

belinda jess says:

Oh it’s stunning. Congrats!!!!

belinda jess says:

Speedy b in cerise :)

Sai Velaga says:

Alma bb

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