nicole kidman chanel commercial

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beautiful chanel ad with nicole kidman.

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Ss Ss says:

how the fuck did this cost 33 million dollars?!

Simara Delilah Rose says:

enchanted me years ago and still does..

Mike Mcshane says:

Check out the spoof of this with Ronni Ancona!!

Sa ko says:

What kind of domn ass you must be to leave on this amazing commercial 219
dislikes?!!! It’s really adorable….

Sophie Evans says:

craig armstrong

dennisse marin dominguez says:

who’s playing this version of clair de lune please somebody know

Antonio Rodrigues says:

“This guy” is Rodrigo Santoro, Brazilian actor. Sorry! Brad Pitt doesn’t
say “My luck, My fate, My fortune”. He is her past!

elle scott says:

was this made before or after moulin rouge?!

cance7984 says:

Yes, this really was uploaded in 2005. YouTube launched on February 14,

James Coolman says:

umm you know commercial is the most expensive commercial in the world – 33
million dollars was spent on this .

Thalia Lopez says:

This was amazing! Wish this was a movie!!

mirabel mn says:

it is. Moulin Rouge 🙂

Valarian says:

Our kiss, her smile, her perfume*

Kevin Outland says:

This commercial cost $33 million to make in 2003. Was it worth it?

Instituto Ondas Cristina Saporittis says:

Suzanne Farrand says:


nicole kidman chanel commercial

Ana Taveira says:


Page 1 Solutions LLC says:

No one guessed our trivia question correctly. Question: What is the most
expensive commercial to date? Bonus points if you know how much it cost!
Answer: A 2-minute Chanel No.5 commercial in 2004, directed by Baz
Lurhrmann and starring A-lister movie star Nicole Kidman, who received $3
million for participating in the commercial, and it cost $33 million to
Check back next Tuesday for another chance at some trivia. 

Ken West says:

The most expensive commercial ever made.

Samuel Villani says:

Brad Pitt has been confirmed as the FIRST male face of Chanel’s iconic No.5
fragrance. No explanation for why Pitt is Chanel’s chosen one, no clue as
to what the advertising campaign will look like or when we can see it.
Will this man’s face make ladies want to buy Chanel N°5?


Nicole …

Sergei Sokur says:

Forever CHANEL… Love

Avid Design says:

This is the most expensive #commercial in history. #NicoleKidman was paid
$3 million to appear, and the 2003 commercial cost $33 million. That’s more
than the budget for #DieHard

Bryan Vinicius says:

so sad

Pure Energy Advertising says:

This commercial cost $33 million to make in 2003. Was it worth it?

gingerninja79 says:

Her kiss, her smile..her scarily smooth forehead…chanel!

iamtheraptorwalker says:

I want this to be a movie

Camila Sabino says:

Rodrigo Santoro ♥ Uma das mais belas propagandas da Channel.

cheeseandrice comeon says:

years later, this is still my favorite commercial ever


So lame. And indeed Debussy is spinning in his grave like someone else said.

Nicolas Neo says:

lol if some1 were to pull it….

cesilietw1 says:

why did they choose nicole to be a channel spokesperson? just wondering..

MrBarrylindon73 says:

Nicole es guapísima. ¿Cómo pudo dejarla Cruise? ¿es que es tonto? ¿O
invertido? ¡Cualquier hombre deja a Nicole!

I will eat you says:

That pink gown is beautiful. <3

dayrohan says:

Thats such a beautiful dress

Erin Voysey says:

This advert cracks me up. :’) It’s so silly! :L

Margarida Sousa says:

#lujo Es lindo!

Patrick Scott says:


Miki Koo says:

Dream seller

Ben Shepard says:

I’m a derper! I LOVE TO DERP

Elizabeth Cooper says:

it wasn’t just the ad she got the money for she signed a three year
contract with channel aswell , the cost of the commercial was 5 million

Justin Dalton says:

I dont know about this ad costing 18 million dollars, but i know she was
paid a reported 13 million.

Iulian Dumitraşcu says:

A shit that cost USD 33m.

mrRSdaily says:

what’s the song?

nelli Kay says:

“I don’t care about tomorrow…” lovely quote and lovely advert!

sorakairi1993 says:

Nice movie, but it doesn’t make me wanna buy the perfume…

AcademyAwardsPerson says:

What’s up with the confusing accent? “I’m a da-hncer! I love to dayyynce!”
Is she American? Is she English?!

KFC99p says:

best advert by far

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