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Ok this is a straight up obsession This is Truly one of my FAV items at the moment I can’t get enough!! Please Enjoy Thanks for watching X Jerusha Nastasia’s…

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ThejimmyTwhat says:

Hi jerusha! I absolutely live watching your videos! Just a question, from your experience. Is Louis Vuitton cheaper to buy in France than Australia? I’m heading over to Paris next month and I would love to pick up something from the original store!

accessoriesjunkie1 says:

You will love it!!

Tamyra Dixon-Rankin says:

Twinzies! Got mine several weeks ago from Saks in Chicago. BEST little ole pouchette ever. Perfect size for so many things! Love instagram too

amysultan says:

u had a great collection of it..

Shanti Sangit says:

We must have been on the same wave length…just picked up the same thing!

ChanelAddict15 says:

You have the BEST personality 🙂

BIGgunns60 says:

I love your videos and watching what new Louis Vuitton pieces you get!!

Kitsa Zelos says:

i luv my gucci cles all leather and it is indestructable

hellokittyjoni says:

I think you are so adorable. I live in the U.S. (California) and have a really good friend in Sydney – been to Australia once; would love to visit soon. I got hooked on your videos because of our mutual love of LV!! You have such an infectious personality.

LadygemsBella13 says:

Lol babble lol silly its all good

dmullen123 says:

My Cles in Monogram was made in France also! I’m ordering an Azur one soon! Thanks!

Angie Ferrara says:

Love it Jerusha!

Stephanie Philavong says:


phoenixrose85 says:

You are hilarious!!!!!! Congrats on your new baby!!! Your entusiasm is out of this world! Nastasia is I love how she has each pochette in all the classic prints. You LV girls give me life!!! xoxo

Fergus Glynn says:

Jerusha, you saw my photo on instagram of my cles in damier ebene and so far I’ve used it everyday and I love it! I was nervous to buy it because I’m only 15 and I didn’t really get great service in the George Street store so maybe I’ll try bondi junction next time! Also, my cles was made in France too! Wooooh! What a way to start a collection haha. It’d be cool to shop with you but I won’t be buying anything from LV til around christmas probably, saving up for some Burberry things I NEED haha!

JerushaCouture says:

Oh Hi my little Love Bug!
Well first of all well done for making the step to getting your first LV item!!
You will never get Kicked out of a store for being to young No way, I would Love to go with you
that would be a great time! I say if you can make a Day of it go to the Maison Store (George St) it would be great
to get your first item there and if you go and any other day then Saturday you will get Good Service! Be confident and tell them your 14 even if you don’t purchase!

dcshoesroxmysox says:

heyy jerusha (or whoever else can answer this question xD) this is a random question but….which sydney LV store do u think has the nicest sale assistants coz im going to get my first LV piece (so it will be the first time going into an LV store ever!) and im 14 and i don’t want to get kicked out or anything coz im scared people will stare at me funny or like im just looking around wasting their time…im going with my mum but im still worried about getting kicked out or wateva :/ who’s nice!?

MSpanders10 says:

Love your Azur cles! I use mine daily and it’s such an adorable little gem! Love the Azur print!

xoxoVenicexoxo says:

I loveeee your closet and your unboxing!!!!!!

Ruchera Jayawardena says:

so cute. whats the necklace you are wearing. ? i see you wearing it all the time. love it. where did you get it from and how much for ? I WANT ONE 😉 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

vbskull says:

Love your videos and gotta love the LV’s!! I just got the monogram pochette and it is amazing.

trina roberts says:

such a pretty peice xx

sasuki604 says:

Luv ur unboxings!! :)

Guhbubbish says:

Congrats on your new lovely piece!! And YES! Nastasia has a beautiful collection!! Love her videos! Thanks for sharing :)

melindajean828 says:

Check out my lv Chanel stanleydragonjr

melindajean828 says:

Love it have it on my azur stressa,enjoy it in good health

ibzsupernova says:

Please Jerusha do not forget to make OOTD videos!!! I love your LV videos but we need some fashion too!!! ;Ding!!!

xraygigi says:

DING…Lets hear it for the Azur Partay!!
LVoe Azur..its such a stunning canvas.
Congrats on your latest piece..xx

coyotechicc says:

Ding!!!! You are killing me Jerusha. Very beautiful <3

smileystar774 says:


smileystar774 says:

I just ‘liked’ your video before I even watched it (while it was loading) because I already knew that I would enjoy it because of your upbeat personality! I could watch your LV videos all day!

mslakers247yo says:

hi Jerusha
housewiveofsc is selling a Chanel. I thought of u. maybe u would like it. enjoy your day R

privatejoy001 says:

Great little piece! I love the DA but was hesitant to get a bag so I took Captmara’s suggestion and got the Milla – I absolutely love it. Keep up the great videos!

MsIvy12 says:

Do you have any Mulberry bags? How do you feel about the Bayswater I’m debating between that and a speedy

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