New York Luxury Vlog – Shopping at Chanel, Louis Vuitton & Gucci

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If you are wondering what it is like to luxury shop in New York City, this video is for you! Here we visit the must see luxury hot spots in New York such as Bergdorf Goodman, Chanel, Gucci, Dior and Fendi! You will see all the latest releases from these brands so get ready to see major bag, clothes and shoes eye candy! Hope you enjoy the fashion ideas and travel tips!

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Sónia Vlogs & Ideas says:


Arya Bintang says:

Beli gak sih?

Tathi P says:

awesome vid! question, which sunglasses are you wearing on the video? they are gorgeous!

Luxury Doll says:

I love the Louis Vuitton look amazing video much blessings 😇💕

Narelle Ravesi says:

Great video Erica and l agree with you on the poopy situation,not sexy at all.I think what woman need to do is ,yes be strong but stop being so Nasty,Bitchy and Horrible to each other,it seems the more power woman get the more Nasty they are to other woman,💕💕

Iveagh 32 says:

love to you Erica xx

Bea Bea says:

Great video: I would not feel confortable in that hotel!
I've been really fine at Bryant Park Hotel instead…
Thank you for the heads up dear!

Cheraye C Lewis says:

I have the same marriage rule no poop 💩 , keep it sexy keep it cute! That blouse is Everything doll gorgeous per usual 😍😍

Natália Brazilian Lady says:

A Val tem canal ? Eu adorei ela em todos os vídeos 😍

Daria Kuznetsova says:

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Munish Kumar says:

Hi Queen Ericas,Hola what's new? I really likes this video because of you presentation you are looking stunning 👸💋. Ericas I always likes your style, smile, attitude because you are very kind❤ look great and give good smile, Jesus bless you forever bye.

Kaitlin Beste says:

Living for this outfit

iwona holman says:

Omg you’re fabulous can’t wait to see your video again.loooveyou Erica ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

carrie arlante says:

love your vlog erica….so much energy….and love the shopping part ofcourse….👍😊♥️

Darcy L says:

Welcome to NYC! I have flown into EWR more times than I can count, so good for you for not losing your mind there. Thanks for another great video!

Kay C says:

Erica you are always killing it with the music in your videos. What's the song called 9:47?

Elie D says:

I am obsessed with your shopping vlogs Erica! Everytime I get a notification I swear I literally jump out of my seat and stop whatever the hell I'm doing just to watch pronto LOL 😄 You're the best! 😘

Natalie Martirosova says:

Had so much fun watching you Erica!! The poop part was hilarious!😂😂So agree with you!

Jarryd B says:

What happened with your stalker situation? An update video would be great!

Sassy Kat Loves says:

R u boy or girl? It's ok anyway. Just curious only.

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