New Purchase: Jules by Christian Dior (2016)

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A better bet for a mature man.

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Kenny Hawkes says:

Yoo iam new Just passing Thur what Up Hey do Burberry London great for thanksgiving and Christmas .happy thanksgiving son…..

kevin medlock says:

This is one I've wanted to smell, vintage or current, for a long time. Anything from Dior is gonna be well thought out, well blended and straight class.

Dorf says:

Robes, is this similar to Guerlain's Derby?

N.P.P.C says:

I'm 19 and this is my signature..

defman85 says:

Older women love this stuff!!!!!!!

luis chavez says:

I got my bottle yesterday and DAMN!!!! THIS BLEW ME AWAY AT HOW GOOD IT SMELLS!!!!!!

JmeJ83 says:

Those Nasomatto fragrances are begging for some attention Marc ?

Omar Creed says:

By ur face expression I think this stuff stinks. ???

hollernathan says:

Hi Robes, would you be able to do a review on the entire Dior privee line? Would love to here your favorites from that line. Thank you

KirilG1 says:

Testing it on paper? You must be kidding, right?

Alberto Martín says:

They did a very good job using the current legal ingredients.

Midnight Reggie says:

Was so excited to see that you were reviewing this. Sweet!!!


Love that scent. A real underrated classic!

Mark Kirkham says:

Need to see your take on opium pour homme

Charles German says:

Added Antaeus (another 80's power house)to my collection a month or so ago and glad I did. I've been 40 years old for many years?. My interest is peaked! Thanks.

Greggieboy76 says:

Been waiting for your take on this. I have to say, I think it's an absolute home run! I think you will love this more and more as you wear it. I wore it constantly for 3 weeks before my review and I have fallen in love with it.

pdude1911 says:

Nice video! Haven't smelled this one, apparently it could be a bit too mature for me, but because it's Dior I'm gonna see if I can get a sniff somewhere anyhow. I'd be interested in your thoughts on the recently released Hugo Boss Bottled Intense EdP!

Joy Amin says:

does it smell like paco rabanne pour homme? how is the performance please? what does it smell like on dry down?

Gabriel Garcia says:


surgeyX says:

Sounds like something I wouldn't be that interested in…Piney and green, yuck.
I still don't like how it's a EU release only…It should at least be on their website for people who want it anyway in the USA or Canada.

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