NEW!! My Louis Vuitton Collection

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Back with the most highly requested Video on my channel!! Please Enjoy Thanks for watching X Jerusha Ebay Sellers Denim Mini Pleaty Bag (not in my collection…

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Cormac IRL says:

Great video missus!!! Thanks for the shout out!!! What a collection!!!!

Angela Cottingham says:

Love it!!!

80lyons says:

Love your collections and your videos you go girl.

Espi Silguero says:

You have beautiful second hand pieces! You should do a video on tips and tricks for buying second hand louis vuitton. There are a lot of retired/limited edition styles I would really like to purchase, but i always get nervous purchasing on ebay/consignment shops

MrMuttonhollow says:

Very nice video.

Alisa Nicole says:

Can you tell the story of what happened to your mini denim pleaty?

Vic The Sharp says:

Love your collection, wish I could have storage like this too xxx

LNatureblush says:

Thank you for a great collection. Love your collection and love your channel:-)

cadou27 says:

Happy Belated Birthday, great collection

1Mybosslady says:

happy Birthday, JC! Thank you for helping all of us with our. LV addiction. So hard to choose what to purchase next– thanks for all of the great reviews. Keep em coming.

brandilovesbeauty says:

i watched this whole thing! LOVE IT!

Borbeliscious says:

Oops , I forgot Happy Happy Birthday & more blessings to come

Borbeliscious says:

A loud shout out to d most Bonggacious LV woman I followed. U & NastasiaM53 r my fave channel. A million thnx for ur time & sharing ur priceless valuable pieces. Love ❤️lovelove Take care & God bless always, Eilyn

MSpanders10 says:

Wow, what a beautiful collection.

virgmeehan says:

Lovely collection! Hope you have a very happy birthday!

EnilorakannA says:

Love your collection! Btw, you are so sweet.. Hope you had a great birthday! Xoxo, Anna.

marygrace1965 says:

Yes nice nails like someone mentioned below.
Oh the Eva clutch, if you got the messenger strap, could you tell me how long it is? I did ask at my local Bloomingdales store but the lady was SO SO disinterested in helping me, I couldn’t get a response from her! Thanks

CarolLG55 says:

Happy birthday to a fellow Libra!

mishyrose says:

Totally off topic but you’ve made me want to go paint my nails red lol xx

LovelyMrsLisa says:

Happy Birthday Love. Hope you had a great day. Love your videos.

mslakers247yo says:

hi ♡ patiently waiting on favs…im due to go shopping lol

mmcdonner says:

Are you going to do a September favs?

iLuvLVs says:

I can see some spaces that will fit one or two LV’s, happy b-day btw.

Charron829 says:

Have a Happy Birthday! Love your collection.

Linda K says:

Omg! Love your collection. Totally fab <3

Barclays87 says:

I love love love your videos!  I learn so much every time. Thanks so much.

dillonking100 says:

Happy early birthday jerusha! :)

finchleynomad says:

Very enviable collection, you deserve all that you have!! Happy Birthday, we are bday month buddies (mine is the end of Oct)…I started collecting Louis Vuitton when I was 21, that was almost 14 years ago but I don’t have as vast a collection as you but I have a fair amount of vintage pieces. You and LuxeBabe inspired me to start making YT videos so I will film a collection video soon (please check out my channel)!!! Keep being happy and the bright light you are, Blessings!!!

Hermamie Villar says:

advance happy birthday jc, may you continue inspire us with your LV collections^:^

iLuvLVs says:

Luv! Luv! Luv! all your collections, Jerusha. As always great review:)

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