New Makeup: MAC, Sephora, Chanel HAULAGE!!!

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Hey loves happy Friday! Hope you enjoy this haul of all my new goodies! Make sure to check out and their instagram giveawa…

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Milly Danino says:

OMG! I need that brush. I own the bronzer one and its a dream. Girl I need
my MAC fix. xx

Chris Tee says:

Great Haul Video!, very informative….on my to, and and I was on those websites yesterday and
couldn’t remember what I needed!

Sheltiqua Hagans says:

those earrings are fabulous!

nina macc says:

Your hair is everything 2 snaps left 2 right honey

MsAirbears says:

Looks very very pretty on you. The color is great. A lot of makeup though
lol, you look better without. Did you do an invisible hairline on the wig?
Looks like it.

Shavon Love says:

love it! please do a vid on your favorite feminine products (i.e. washes,

Franceslove Love says:


DeDivaCaramel says:

was thinking the same thing about viva glam rihanna good thing full
proceedings goes towards a good cause or else i wud be pissed…..nice haul
i have some fab bag reviews on my channel check them out….

VeeutifulMakeup says:

YOUR HAIR!!!! my god i know its a wig but still amazing and you my lady are

PlusSizeBarbie0385 says:

I love your Haul videos because I learn so much!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

TheFlygurl31 says:

Your hair tho. It’s everything. 

BeautyLoverShaa says:

Love this haul x

Ashley Bond says:


Elistar781 says:

Where are ur earring from they’re soooo cute!

TheMakeupLoveBeauty says:

ooo loving your new hair!! gorgeous xx

cjanine66 says:

Great Haul Tyme, I enjoyed watching!!!

Kadiijha Simone says:

Love your haul videos!
you look stunning Tyne

cari turner says:

She sounds like the nanny

iiamkee21 says:

thanks for the haul I def have to pick up these products

Latianna Tyus says:

Please do a makeup tutorial on this look! Super AMAZE!

Tracy Couture says:

Gorgeous Tyme!!!!!!!

Paige Joelee says:

Why’:d you take one earing out! Cute lol xxx

Jennysabid Ferreira says:

I love love love love love your makeup!

senetteb1 says:

Love the hair!!!! Loved the haul!!!

Abigail ngwa says:

You are seriously a real Barbie 

kittyboo2121 says:

Now that’s what i call a HAUL!

Nicole Sanchez says:

such a barb <3 gorgeous girl!

Jassmin Luevano says:

those earrings seem sooo heavy

ShinelikeaStar SitaraAhmed says:

Great video x

Bria Edwards says:

I’m just a little confused. Why buy something if you don’t like it? lol But
I love ya! Do you girl! 

DaVonna Cole says:

Tyme haultastic luv luv luv beat all day!! Boom!! And the crowd goes

suz xavier says:

where are your earings from,??? u gorg<3

GrlWit Grill says:

Earringsssssss plssssss im tryna order them

lee123867 says:

Yes! love the haul videos! Great to know whats out there and what kind of
experience you have had with the products!

NERDS143 says:

Can you do a video with your boo!!?

Edrian Paul Espiritu says:

; LOVE your videos! You’ve brought out products that I’m putting on my
shopping list!

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