NEW!! Louis Vuitton Reveal/Unboxing

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HolyGrail ALERT!!! this was the BEST buy Ever off Ebay from Gallery Rare Many thanks to them! Please Enjoy Thanks for watching X Jerusha Gallery Rare http://…

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averagejosie74 says:

Congrats! A keepall is next on my list too!

littlegrasper says:

Just stop. 

A Chan says:

you’re watching this video on a computer or a smart phone that you must have bought. why haven’t you donated that money you spent on your computer to kids in africa? who the hell are you to tell her how she should spend her own money?

Kat Isabelle says:

Your reaction is so over the top and quite disgusting. There are kids in Africa starving, and you’re paying 700$ on a stupid bag.
It’s pathetic. I’d like to see you give back.. lol.
So don’t even try to justify yourself.

E Pazmino says:

One video without “so cute” or “ding”…. Still love you babe

madeline storey says:

Want this bag sooooooo much! U r so lucky Jerusha!

MsMACChic says:

Date stamp code is MB3058

MsMACChic says:

This bag was made in France. Not sure when but I sent you the serial number. It’s in great condition aside from the marks on the bottom. Sent you some pictures. Hopefully you get them. I’m asking for 950.

Robyn, Murphy says:

I’m inspired !!!!!! I love it. I’m excited for you Again.

Robyn, Murphy says:

Congrats Jerusha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

filoinstyle says:

Absolutely best seller I bought stuff from them before, your keep all looks absolutely stunning!

finchleynomad says:

How much are you thinking of selling it for and where, when was it made? What condition is it in.? I may be interested so please reply on my channel or email me, Thanks!

Ester Budinski says:

your best video eva you are a crazy hand bag freak, just like me 🙂 but difference is that your collection is amazing but all bagzz are amazing 🙂 love love bags xxx

luis portalatin says:

people can be very ignorant some times you know ? oh an im getting my keep all today !!!! i want to tag you in my next video ! and send me a shout out ! lol love your videos as always ! instagram, is jadorelouisvuitton hope to hear from you again jerusha !

Lauren Bitters says:

I was so anxious and excited just watching! Green with envy:)
Congrats on the fabulous addition to your LV family!

LVlover cc says:

I am so excited for you! You make me want to get one also. How can you remove the stains and water marks? I never purchased pre owned bags. please let me know how to do so. Thank you

Robina Mcknight says:

Hi Jerusha I just subscribe to your channel and I love your videos

MSpanders10 says:

Wow congratulations! So happy for you and I love your excitement!

cowboyboom says:

you’d swear louis vuitton was gonna raise the dead or put her kids through college….Good grief!

Samuel C. says:

i would love it if you could do a video on how you clean it and oil up the zipper! thanks a lot!

JerushaCouture says:

With an opinion like that….Why the Hell would you ever click to watch my Videos as I am a Youtube Guru that Reviews, wait for it…..Bags! So Sweetheart I’ll Never Relax!
Thanks for your hateration comment!

dcshoesroxmysox says:

Hey Jerusha i have a question….i noticed on the Gallery Rare ebay page that all their items have a “rating” so like A+,A,B,BC,C meaning like how much its been used like A=used but good condition, B=a few stains etc. what was yours rated? Im looking at getting a LV backpack and it says “B” i.e fairly used condition with some obvious scratches/stains…do you think it will be ok?

Ada Solly Styling says:

Hi jerusha love your keepall. Check out my channel as I have mentioned you in my Louis Vuitton collection.

DB101415 says:

Great bag! Awesome find! Thanks for sharing.

Coralista21 says:

How much was it pre owned?

7PaperLillies says:

what a beauty! Would you be able to do a video about how you clean your Vachetta? its would be greatly appreciated!

Cassie Rose says:

Congrats its so beautiful!! You were one of the youtubers that inspired me to make youtube videos of my own!!! Jerusha, it would be amazing if you saw one of my videos and commented!!!!!!!

xraygigi says:

OH.MY.GOOD!!! Congrats and so excited for you on getting your HG!
Keepall is on my wishlist as well. Enjoy!! .xx =)

mareni74 says:

You are too funny with your excitement!!! Love it!! Congrats and enjoy- Keepalls are the best!

Maria Regalado says:

Beautiful bag Jerusha…Congratulations!!! and yes yes a video on how to clean it please? 🙂

TheCrissycri says:

congratulations dear, it is so beautiful!

idajene says:

Congratulations on your purchase! The patina is beautiful! Cormac is the reason why i was so in a hurry to buy my Keepall 45. I purchased mine brand new because like you i was so afraid to purchase one on ebay! I can’t wait for mine to patina as well! Again congratulations on your purchase! Love your vids and love your IG!!

sunnyflw says:

Congrats on the awesome find! Could you do a video on how you clean up a louis with the products you mentioned to clean your Keepall? Thanks Jerusha!

maquillaje411 says:

A video on how you clean it please!

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