New Louis Vuitton Handbag & Accessories – Pandora Chanel – It’s Our Anniversary!

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It’s our anniversary and I am so thankful for the man God blessed me with. Not for the things but for his love for God, then me, commitment, and friendship. …

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Robina Mcknight says:

Hi just finished watching your video and wishing you and your husband a
happy 29th wedding anniversary and love your gifts 🙂 . And I hope you get
well soon 

NickySplinta24Naturally says:

Happy Anniversary! I wish you all God’s blessings for the future. I love
all the pieces you treated yourself to. You deserve it! Your LV collection
is definitely expanding.

pink2paris says:

GREAT haul!! Happy anniversary and feel better soon!! :)

TIffany Oakes says:

I am so glad you are feeling better! Happy Anniversary! I love your
videos….I have you on my recommended channels because I love your videos
and your style.! I use Chanel lipstick/gloss and Yves St Laurent makeup
too! When I saw your LV I almost died of jealousy! I have the Damier
ebene Pouche Eclait in Damier Ebene! 

maica dc says:

Happy Anniversary to the both of you. Nice haul. Love the Alma bb. 

lsugar49 says:

Happy 29th to you and your husband. Your Blessed enjoy your empty nest I
know I enjoy mines. God is Awesome, I hope you both have a wonderful time
just spending time loving each other. Punkin I loved all your presents,

Coka Rabbit says:

Love your haul!!! and Happy Anniversary!!!!! Love your Pandora bracelet!!!
and your Chanel lipsticks and of course LVs!!!!!! 

Kathry Rayford says:

Happy Anniversary. Lovely gifts.

uptowngrl575 says:

hi there Diva, Happy anniversary. It is a blessing to have a life partner
and to still love each other and be going strong! I loved your new items
especially that pretty agenda. Have a blessed week

LVlover cc says:

Congrats on your anniversary! Much blessing to you two!!!!

Bee Rachael says:

I replied to you Hun but it didn’t ‘link’ to your comment! Read the
comments on my reveal…..

Sharmeta says:

Happy Anniversary

Bee Rachael says:

Sorry for all the comments but maybe try my remedy for sweating out these
winter colds, I heat some whiskey/bourbon with brown sugar and fresh lemon
– a couple of those and you sleep great! 

Olympia Epirus says:

Oh ya
Happy 29th anniversary

Bee Rachael says:

Forgot to say I love la diva and I really wanted it and the new fouguese
but they were too brought for me, I did get 91 in the same Matt formula as
I loved the packaging xx

iLuvLVs . says:

Belated Happy Anniversary to you and hubby.
Best wishes for 2014. Luv all the pressies!!!

sally559 says:

Love it 

sherry howell says:

happy anniversary!i hope you get well soon!love your channel.



Aussie Dee Ward says:

Congrats on your goodies and happy anniversary, my husband and I had our
22nd anniversary yesterday!

MNicoleChic says:

Happy, happy anniversary love. I am so sorry you keep getting sick. I
really hope you get well soon. Love everything. Especially the LV pieces.
So in love with the gorgeous BB. Congrats darling.

Tasari says:

Happy anniversary I hope you feel better and I love the la diva from Chanel
it is so gorgeous love all your goodies!!!

midgreen100 says:

First, Happy Anniversary!!!! I LOVE love!!! And what an amazing haul! You
have fabulous taste! Praying God’s gracious healing over you …. even now!
Enjoy in health!!!! Fabulous! Love everything… Trick to the BB is using
one of the Cles to hold the cards. You will have so much more space.

mhalla55 says:

Congrats on your big anniversary! Very nice gifts. May you two be blessed
with many more happy anniversaries! TFS.

san simi says:

Happy Anniversary! May your love keep on increasing as each year goes. Hope
you feel better. The crazy weather we r getting is making everyone sick.

Tonya Hyman says:

Happy Anniversary! I love your purchases. I hope you feel better soon.

kaskas113 says:

Lovely haul and get well soon xo’s

Rita Dallaway says:

Happy Anniversary!!!! God has blessed you with some beautiful gifts, enjoy
them and many more. I pray that you will feel better soon. 

cadetkellie69 says:

Lady, you are a Absolutely a Beautiful Woman+++ inside and out, you are a
fine example of what God wants us women to be!! This year my husband and I
celebrate 25 Blessed and Wonderful years!! Happy Anniversary to you both,
God Bless+++

mrsbibilove says:

Happy Anniversary! 29!! hope your feeling good now,
nice gifts!! 

xofancy says:

Happy Anniversary! Awesome gifts!

DB101415 says:

Congratulations on your anniversary. God bless.

JulietLV says:

Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats on all of your lovely new things but
especially your new bb!!! Can’t wait to see what’s in your bag video!!!
Enjoy it!!!

kvloveslv says:

Happy anniversary! May your marriage be blessed with health, love, and
happiness! Lots of love! 

Valerie Boteaology says:

Hey Lady!!! Happy anniversary! You deserve the right to brag because you
are blessed with a long term union! Glad you are feeling better!

Igotkrazyfaith says:

happy anniversary

803momof2boysz says:

Happy Anniversary! Get well soon.

chazell101 says:

Happy Anniversary! Everything you bought is beautiful! Gorgeous! 

MrsClassicCouture says:

Happy anniversary. Get well soon ♡ 

Someday Shabby says:

Great haul huni. Love the chanel lipsticks bought one myself. I love your
alma wow! Congrats on your 29 years of marriage. I hope your feeling better

thecreativelady says:

Happy Anniversary Dear! You were both blessed to find each other. I love
your love! +NaturalLuxeDiva Love the beautiful gifts too.

acdiva1 says:

Hi Diva! Happy Anniversary! I hope & pray you feel better! Get well soon!
Beautiful gifts! Thanks for sharing:)

saavedrastyles says:

Happy Anniversary! Awesome goodies! Feel better soon.

T Robertson says:

Happy Anniversary!!!! May god continue to bless your union… Great video
as always… Loved all your new goodies hope you feel better…:)

Fran Scott says:

happy anniversary and I love your haul.

8mossgirl says:

Happy anniversary!! I pray that you have many, many more together. Lots of
love from Texas coming your way.

Belindajess says:

Love it all. Congratulations. That little BB is too cute. Looking forward
to the what’s in my BB video. Hope you are feeling better. 

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