New Louis Vuitton Duomo is here~Check it out!

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The long awaited Duomo just arrived on my doorstep. Let’s see what this bag looks like and see what I think of it, after all!!

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Connie Lahman says:

Hi Jennifer,
I went to Louis Vuitton in Roseville,Ca and got my Love It!!! Thanks again for your help.
Merry Christmas to you and Yours

Connie Lahman says:

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you so much for making such an awesome video on the new Duomo.I was planning on purchasing the Bloomsbury but after watching your video at least 15 times? I am convinced that I will get the Duomo instead.It is so beautiful and classic with just the right amount of detail.without going over the top..I am so excited to be getting this gorgeous bag.Thanks again for sharing as it makes a difference for all interested to make informed decision about bag before purchasing.Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Francis Diaz says:

So pretty love it ?

Giovanna Gerencser says:

Jennifer, did you happen to notice where the date code is inside the bag?

Giovanna Gerencser says:

Hello! I giggled when I saw your video because that was me when I opened mine. I just received my Duomo tonight and was filled with excitement and almost nervous because I wasn't sure how I was going to feel after seeing it. Like you, when I finally did see it, I really liked it but wasn't sure I loved it. I think if I could change anything it would be the tapering at the top, it closes off the top of the bag making it a smaller opening at the top. That said I am still very happy with it. One thing I noticed, your box (the brown LV box) came with the leather cord, mine did not. Also, I noticed the outter box that I received, when I lifted it, actually says "Louis Vuitton" on the underside so it appears to be a custom cardboard box from LV – your cardboard box appeared to be more generic. Another thing I noticed was my strap had not been looped, meaning they didn't set it in any one prong which i actually liked because I can't stand anyone touching my stuff lol. It would be nice to see Louis Vuittton treat each bag consistently though and it appears they don't. Not sure if you had same but mine still had a plastic mini tube like cover on the prong part of the buckle. Anyway, thanks so much for the video, very helpful and i will definitely subscribe to your channel. Kind Regards,

Lavern Hgg says:

your bag is absolutely gorgeous. I actually like it better than the bloomsberry

Nicole Dean says:

very pretty!!

pig lover says:

Thank you for such a detailed review. Hope you keep the videos going

Renita Parker says:

Hey Jen liked your video super cute bag the name is weird ? but great review

Serafina Recalcitrant says:

It's a amazing bag. I would keep it. However, at $1,700 you should be elated….and you don't look elated. Let me know what you decided. Hugs, Kiki

Meaghan B says:

It feels a little matronly to me :/

Gia says:

The bag looks great on you and looks like it will be a good one for travel as well as everyday running around. Enjoy it in good health. Love your enthusiasm !

Monique Paris says:

I vote for Bloomsbury…. I am short (5'3") that bag will never work for me. I think is big for a crossbody I rather wear a speedy 25 bandolier but that's just me.

Hungarian Tornado says:

i actually love the bag, just love the shape! So roomy and not much hardware! (my style) :)

D See says:

I can feel your excitement! Great video and awesome bag!

Sherry Taylor says:

it is cute and not cute? Sherry/Chicago

EK C says:

You also have to keep in mind, that the way the bottom of the Duomo is structured that way, so it does not create a drooping effect as your other LV piece tends to do. The special stitching construction of the piece looks to be constructed in a way to keep the underside of the Duomo canvas rigid and reinforced like the LV trunks are created. High Performance at its best along with design in mind, truly timeless piece for the 21st century,
bar-none enjoy your investment in the years to come and take care of your investment Jennifer ? Ciao'

EK C says:

It's the best piece I've seen , Super Sleek and Shiek for the 21st century. geometrically correct in every way. unique construction of canvas design.. It accentuates your body flowing upwards giving you the slimming affect, not sloppy look like your other LV piece. Great choice if I may say. Simply Maavlose ? You'll end up going to this piece of choice guaranteed. Thanks for sharing ,, Ciao'

Rose A says:

Beautiful bag! Nice review. Thank you.

Andrea Peoples says:

Congrats Jennifer it is a very gorgeous cross body bag. Definitely on my wish list for 2016..

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