NEW Christian Dior Sauvage (2015) REVIEW

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sevens732000 says:

Agree with you 100 percent! I'm glad that I work by a Duty Free!

Xavier Vel says:

Jeez this has to be the worst Dior release in 30 years. smell close to right guard aerosol deodorant. No Worth be named Dior or even Sauvage.

MrCrazyGuy24 says:

Thanks for your honest opinion. A woman at Macy sprayed this on me and I loved it but didn't want to rush into buying it on the spot until I saw a of comments/reviews. I feel every young man should have a decent cologne set so what are some of your recommendations

educación física Unermb says:

greetings from VENEZUELA! good job…

mrzayas81 says:

Agreed with you 100%

albert ferro says:

Great review my friend!?

Redolessence says:

Great review, my friend! Glad you got your decant back. I wonder if you'll wear it though. hahaha

Malamute says:

Advertised by a person like Depp who takes a shower twice a year. Not surprising its a letdown.

Paulie Peanuts says:

Great review even if this didn't live up to anything.. I guess its hard to be unique in the designer market these days.

FragCentral says:

"Been there, smelled that,"  ha ha, thanks Carlos.  Great review.

Fragrance Bros. says:

great review, Carlos! I still need to try this. Not really looking forward to it. :(

Rick Snowdon says:

I dig this. It is in the more "generic" category but I think this will be a great success for Dior. I sprayed 4 sprays 6 hours ago. Since have been out in the sun for 2 hours, did an hour of cardio and jumped in the shower. Not only is the scent clearly there on my skin, it's still projecting. I think this is sexy juice. I will say the dry down is extremely linear and you lose the fruity almost pineapple top note, which is the best part. Think this is a definite buy for me. But will test some more first!

dspada67 says:

Oh , yes I got that you said it was a nice smell just nothing out of the ordinary and I totally agree. Oh I also remembered the darn thing was still on my arm after 12 hrs but close to the skin. Who knows it am take off like Blu?.

razscott says:

Lovin the bloopers brother!!
I won't be rushing out to try this sucker any day soon then lol,
Top video man cheers.

Jeremy Fragrance says:

man love your outtakes! should do that too!

dspada67 says:

Hey Carlos, I actually had a positive experience with it. I put it on and I got complements from my 2 sons at home then I went out to a family party and got a complement from my sister in law. I think you are right , nothing special but clean and fresh not exciting but a bit like a work horse like YLS L'Homme. Interesting . Ciao 

The Bopper says:

Damn!  I had my fingers crossed on this one!  What did Steven think?  Thanks Carlos.

Handsome Smells says:

Nice review Carlos. Yet to get my nose on this.

Nae G says:

Carlos, I always love looking at your fragrance shelf behind you, haha! It's so pretty.

Sad to hear that this is so bland and meh. It's kinda good for me, though, so I don't have to toss out more of my non-existent money! Thanks for the review.

FragBoy Stewie says:

Excellent review Carlos! I'm itching to get my hands on a sample!

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