NEW!!!! Christian Dior “JOY” Fragrance Review

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A few corrections from what I said in the video. This is the first pillar release since 2002 which was ADDICT! I looked at Elle Magazine’s website and got the wrong info! Oooops! Also it was Christine Nagel who made The Original Dior Cherie, I got a bit confused!

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Lone Caspersen says:

2002 Addict perfume and there is also Privee collection, so it's not 20 years.. Have a nice day!!!

Jamesina Scribner says:

I love the description "pinkified". This reminds me a bit of your review of Gabrielle, if I recall it correctly. Pleasant but underwhelming.

Hymns of Elizabetha says:

I really love Chanel Allure I’m excited to try Joy. But I own Allure why would I bought something similar.
I think the scent that some of you guys called it boring is the scent that can actually sell in the market. Fragrance community and normal people have a very huge different opinion about scent.

Marci LK says:

I’ve been seeing people compare it to Allure as well, but I don’t get the similarities at all. I love Allure. Joy is meh.

madiola1234 says:

id wear it for 20bucks lol!

madiola1234 says:

dior needs to up their game…not bring out a dull generic scent. imo…..doesnt last long either!

JrrrNikolaus says:

musky its a shame its not amazing but it pretty a great summer perfume i am glad i got my bottle cheap i would not pay full price , it needs more patchouli it would have given it more punch a safe office scent for sure

Ba Tomiura says:

Could you make a review about Nômade by Chloé? I’m curious about this fragrance, i’m from Brazil and i looooove your reviews… xo

mailepointfive says:

Thanks for the honest review. Pity it's somewhat lackluster (like so many new releases from the big houses, it seems). Also, can you talk about your new job more? How's it going?

Rita Gray says:

Love your reviews!!! 🖤

PW W says:

it's so uninspiring 🙁 i get a green apple-jasmine(before it turns fecal)-musk-wood frag. But hey at least it doesnt smell like candy floss right?

Trish M says:

I want to smell this now, I thought it would be citrus from an interview I saw where JLaw said it was fresh and citrusy. The commercial is beautiful, I think, but it’s weird that they debuted this near Fall where Jennifer is in the water and it’s obviously not a Fall scent.

street punkisa says:

Oh, well…I did not like the advertisment it is like Ilicit by Jimmy Choo…Joy here Joy there and right behind it Jen Laurence…
I will write it once more.
There's only one Joy parfum in this world

Lumina Kazami says:

Great review!! I agree it’s very similar to Allure, which was my signature fragrance, a few years ago. Dior is my favorite designer house as well and I got a cute 30 ml bottle 😊 I really like it!

Sheree Van says:

Enjoyed the review. You are spot on. I like it but I will most likely just buy a 50 M.L. if I can at some point. Pretty and elegant but not groundbreaking.

Mandy McMullin says:

i sprayed this on one arm and J'Adore on the other and it is a fresh, less sweet version of J'Adore. pleasant but so over done

seilanemsei says:

The peach is sickly and synthetic.

seilanemsei says:

I appreciate your review. Also the point you made about the poaching of the cult Joy by Jean Patou's house. I sniffed this and I thimk it's very meh and the bottle design is boring.

salvation says:

I'll stay with my Blooming Bouquet.  Not impressed in the least!

Karin Van den Berg says:

Great video 👌🏻

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