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new video on my BRAND new chanel bag..everyone who follows my instagram (@chloeejames) or blog ( knows I am OBSESSED WITH BAGS! Please don…

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Barclays87 says:

Love it! Thx.

arimeyoki says:

i like your bag collection ,thanks for your share,it is helps a lot and very useful. i like it very much .how can i buy it online? my friend Kate always buy bag on busifanshome. com .can you give me some suggestion?

Andrea Giordano says:

Thanks for sharing. Love your bag.
Here I’d like to share a reliable supplier for high quality replicas:
I bought many times of replicas from China. This is the best one I ever meet. The sales are very nice and patient. Now I keep placing order to them monthly.

Ponymad4321 says:

V p

angelbirdbb says:

Love Chanel!!!! Check out my Chanel videos too!!! BTW, Love your channel subbed!!! Hope you like my channel too;)

mrspumpheryworld says:

You should make an outfit of today wearing your gorgeous bag hun♥

Justin vd b. says:

Nice bag!
You’re accent sounds like, from some part of holland. called: FRIES!
thats funny because i’m from holland.

derin karayel says:

How much do was this?

hannah deluv says:

Your hair has been distracting but great video anyway, love that bag.

Aya Ambiyosa says:

SUUUUPER LOOOOVE your Chanel – Maxi Bag! That’s my fave size of Chanel Bag! Big-Gorgeous! LOOOOOVE your video! Lovelovelove from Manila Philippines!

chloe james says:

what about the medium flap bag! It is smaller than the jumbo?I have one and absolutely love it!!! have a look on google for chanel flap bag sizes and it should give you a site or a few where the measurements of all the bags are listed!! X

chloe james says:

Hi 🙂 yes it is xx

luvpinkhellokitty says:

I LOVE LOVE your Chanel bag!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

wastedyouthoftoday says:

hey hun, gorgeous bag, you are so lucky. was just wondering about your silver bangle, is that the cartier love bangle by any chance? xx

Candy052089 says:

congrats on your new maxi, it is beautiful on you.

chloe james says:

@californiablue9 I am from Australia but was born and grew up in London so it’s a mix of the accents x

chloe james says:

@Kajol Patel hey lovely, perhaps the medium flap bag? That’s such a beautiful bag and such a perfect size if you want something smaller than the jumbo!! Also look up on google chanel classic flap bag dimensions and that might give you some idea on sizing x

chloe james says:

@misskimaru it depends where you buy it in the world. A lot of chanel boutiques vary in their price!

chloe james says:

@vees it depends where you buy it! All of the world the price can vary x

vees says:

how much are they now??

Kajol Patel says:

Hi! I am trying to find a cross body Chanel bag. I don’t want the WOC (it is too small) or the Jumbo (too big). Any suggestions? I want a Chanel bag that is quilted caviar leather with silver hard ware and the leather going through. I won’t be able to try it in store because my parents are buying it for me in Dubai.

misskimaru says:

How much do was this?

chloe james says:

thank you. I absolutely love it!  I grew up in London until I was about 7 then I moved to Australia. It is kind of a mix of both accents!! 🙂

californiablue9 says:

What a great present! Such beautiful bags! And your accent is adorable, where you from? Subscribed! 🙂

xxmissjlp says:

Oh!! Silly me I always thought the maxi & jumbo were the same size thank you so much really helpful xxx

chloe james says:

hey lovely,

this is actual the MAXi and the MEDIUM!
im 5,7 and i LOVE my new maxi! ive taken it out for dinner and drinks this week! It is quite a big bag though so i suggest going in to a store and having a look. The maxi is the size up from the jumbo and i could not be more happier! I think if your smaller than 5.7 though maybe see if the jumbo is big enough as the maxi is only JUST not to big for me! saying that i take everything with me when i leave the house!
hope this helps!! x

xxmissjlp says:

I really appreciate this video Chloe! I’m trying to decide whether to invest in a black medium or jumbo when I’m overseas later this year so seeing them next to each other was a great help 🙂 (I’m leaning towards the jumbo! But do you think it’s too big to take out at night or to dinners?) x

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