Neutrality, Rad Hourani at Arsenal Montreal

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Arsenal Montreal: Rad Hourani is not just a designer, a photographer, a filmmaker, or an artist. He is all of these at once. His work is an attentive observation of humanity that celebrates neutrality as a defining human trait. The Rad Hourani process advocates non-conformity as the essence of individuality. He sees modernity as an odyssey free of nations, gender, age, race, limits and conditioning.

This multidisciplinary exhibition of contemporary art, centered on the theme of neutrality, boasts different perspectives approached through the media of painting, sculpture, photography, costume, sound and video. Though presented in five segments, the individual artworks form together a monumental work of art that exposes the foundations of our social, religious, economic, sexual and geopolitical systems. It proposes neutrality as a new universal vision. Rad Hourani is sketching a newer, freer way to live.

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