Netherlands: Dutch designer turns COW DUNG into haute couture

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As fashion brands increasingly turn to recycled materials, Eindhoven designer Jalila Essaidi is taking the trend to a new level, choosing to make her textile from cow manure.

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gord oland says:

Sounds like something India would invent.

Henrik Wallin says:

Interesting, but cow manure is great to spread on the fields or use in other kinds of food production. But I guess you can use artificial fertilizers too, but they have to improve to contain enough minerals.

Jennifer Means says:

I thought haute couture already was cow dung. Rich people spend money on the most idiotic crap! Wow!

malevolent jim says:


guydecervens says:

Haute couture is shit anyway

We Tortured Some Folks says:

And the smell?

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