Nashville Haul!

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If you guys aren’t caught up with me videos or social media you might not know I recently spent a week in Nashville, and I wanted to do a mini haul for you guys to show you what I picked up while I was there! I pretty much made this video so I would have an excuse to talk about my newest addition to my polaroid collection!


INSTAGRAM: @fallonfraser



Canon T2i
Canon 50mm 1.4 lens
Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6
Cowboy Studio Soft Box lighting

HI! my Name is Fallon and I am a beauty lifestyle youtuber! I love to make all kinds of different diy videos, and fashion videos, lifestyle videos and sometimes makeup videos and challenges! if you like what you see don’t forget to come find me on instagram and twitter as well as my other two youtube channels which are linked above! Thanks so much for watching and i will see you soon with a new video!

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Carsla Peyton says:

glad you enjoyed your trip babe! beautiful voice!

Allanna Cuellar says:

Hey girl! I just found your channel and I find it so interesting! I love your sense of style that you have for you and your channel. The polaroid that he got you is SO cool! It's not easy to come by super cool cameras like that anymore. It makes me happy to see someone else who has appreciation for cameras like that too. I just subscribed and if you have a minute to check out my channel and my latest video it would mean so much to me and if you could maybe sub back. I'd love to keep in touch! <3

Jess Turner says:

Awwww I love polaroids 😻😻🦄🦄

Allie Kay says:

super fun haul
they always show the Bluebird cafe on the tv show Nashville

Karolina Dusk says:

OMG an actual old polaroid camera. Looks so cool. Liked 🌸🌸🌸

NiwaLeaf says:

I love the harmonica so cool. ☺️💕

Sara Sue says:

really great haul

TaraLee says:

I never knew about the Blue Bird that is so cool you got to play there! you have a beautiful voice 😀

Beautyglamx says:

Loving this ❤️

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