naim vs bang & olufsen vs bowers & wilkins HI-FI SYSTEMS

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Danedadon says:

Stupid british bastard! B&O is the best you can get!

Kelley Barstow says:

As of now I am running a Pioneer Deh-80prs as my head unit and for my amps
I have a focal solid-4 for my mids/highs and a focal solid-1 for my
subwoofer my subwoofer is a Focal polyglass 33v2 13inch woofer and my
mids/highs are the focal 2nd gen Access series. I also do not run anything
ported such as my subwoofer box and even my mids/highs since having a port
means you can ”hear” the back of the speaker cone which is out of phase
with the front of the speaker cone causing a time delay in the sound. I
feel that if you want deeper bass then build a bigger sealed box and/or add
a passive radiator 🙂 

Kelley Barstow says:

I do believe Focal makes the best sounding speakers overall. 

Jeff V says:

It’s all about the burmester system in the new s class now.

Nyankana says:

OK seriously, a bang and olufsen cost another 5 grand in audi a8, must be
even better than my bookshelf speaker, but reports say that it only
overtakes the Bose by a small margin. I rather spend it to upgrade my home
theater to Beoplay. 

Julian Medina says:

I can’t get jiggly to this shit 

fan2lexus says:

The Burmester system from the Veyron is probably even better than Naim. But
if you like electronic music, the B&O system will be the best ! Even if i’m
a big fan of B&W and its Zeppelin Air.

Evan Fish says:

what about burmester???

Hashan Liyanage says:

b&w experience is 50% more than b&o

Evan Fish says:


sevraj2008 says:


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