My Shopping Experience at the Hermes FSH Flagship store + TIPS to score your dream Hermes bag!!!

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Hi Everyone! Welcome back for another VERY interesting video! This time I will be sharing with you my shopping experience at the Paris Hermes FSH Flagship store! PLUS… I will also include some tips on how to score your dream bag!

This video is a MUST WATCH if you are planning to try your luck at the Hermes flagship store!

Just remember this link: (VERY IMPORTANT!)

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Mimi'sFashionLounge says:

So did they not have a garden party bag?

Carlos Vidal says:

Hi if i want to buy a belt i don't need reservation of an appointment right?

Thomas LIU says:

Very helpful!! Thank you 😊

Lim Chiu Farn says:

Hi, if we would like to get a leather wallet, do we need make an appointment as well?

Niel Wong says:

Evelyne Bags is available everywhere

Nicole Novo says:

STUNNING and GORGEOUS Hermès Evelyn! Thanks for sharing. The color is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations and enjoy. Stay blessed. You look BREATHTAKINGLY LOVELY DOLL! 🙂 xoxo

Treschic84 says:

Really enjoyed listening to your experience at FSH. This reminds me of my time at Chanel 31 Rue Cambon last Oct. I had to research for informations and also prepare myself to avoid an unpleasant experience. It happened so fast but i left the store feeling like im on cloud 9. I wished i had more time back then to check out FSH.Maybe next time 😊❤️

Andri says:

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I enjoyed it very much xx

Nancywith Style says:

Very fruitful information, thanks for sharing but most of it all and I say that from my experience many times there, all they want to feel is your dedication and love for the brand. If they sensed that, you can score any bag you want. Thanks again my dear.

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