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THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE PLEASE 🙂 Thank you so much for watching! Hi Guys! I really missed you all so much! I’m so sorry for not uploading videos for a very lo…

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kimchicupnoodles says:

By the way, I love your chanel boy bag! 

kimchicupnoodles says:

Hi lindie! I am wondering if you still use your gst a lot. Do you still
love the gst? I am considering the gst. what do up you think of the gst
compared to the timeless cc tote in smaller size? Thank you 

bubusilly1993 says:

are you hong konger? :)

miza CHANEL says:

hi lindie Ss im a really good fan of you and your whole videos and i would
like to ask you something, where can i found a chanel men bag that it
doesnt looks like for woman plis i wait for your answer ! 😀 

glista68 says:

i love the bag

Véronique Van Dam says:

I hope the detailed unboxing of the bag is following soon!!!! i ca’t
wait!!! really a nice bag!!!

Cole Phelps says:

I want that bag!!

Marcel Pavel says:

Please make a review of your new Chanel bag!

anuja kaladharan says:

OMG!! It’s so beautiful…

Loveqvc Lovetheq says:

Please do a video unboxing of the bag in more detail

TheKingMW3 says:

nice video

sasuki604 says:

Your friend is awesome to do that for u! I’m also interested in getting the
boy bag like yours. Do u think u can tell me how much u got yours for? 

Thaitor Johnas says:

It’s good that you are vlogging once in a while when you are too busy to
make ‘videos’

coachgirl82 says:


eaglebird222 says:

Wow.. Love your new bag!!

Soni Santino says:

Nice car

Samantha McLean says:

Girl you need to sleep! Take care of yourself. If you don’t, it’ll take a
toll on your adrenals and you could end up with chronic fatigue or elevated
cortisol 🙁 I slept for 4 hours and over worked myself for 4 years and now
I have week adrenals. It’s taken 6 years away from me (meaning I had to
quit working completely for 4 years and two years before that I had to stop
college) I don’t mean to bother you with my sob story, I just don’t want
anyone else to have to go through what I did. On another note, love the

Catalina Maria says:


Someday Shabby says:

Gorgeous chanel bag.

Marek Mopecki says:

Love your videos

carlos Manzanilla says:

Lindie please take care and don’t overwork

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