My luxury designer handbag collection Louis Vuitton Chanel mulberry Gucci Anya hindmarch wow

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Hope you enjoyed my handbag Collection many thanks for watching

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Megan Varney says:

Beautiful collection Jayne!! My favourite would be your black Gucci Marmont!! Also luv all your LV bags!! 💜👜

TammyOful says:

That’s 18 LVs
3 Anyas
3 Mulberrys
4 Gucci
And 1 Chanel! 😆
You are certainly my handbag inspiration. I think my fav is the little cherries Speedy since I regret selling mine. 🥰

MilaN says:

I really enjoyed watching your collection. So many unique bags. What a lovely helper you have. My favorite of all your lovely bags is the Stephen Sprouse Roses Speedy. Simply stunning.

Bex Newton says:

Thanks, Jayne! And hello from Arizona. 🙂 It's awesome to see your collection of beautiful bags. Thank you for sharing with us. 🤗🤗🤗

Yoshea Lux says:

You have an amazing bag collection! Some so rare and unique! Which I love!! 😍😍😍

Sandra Boyle says:

Amazing 👛 collection 🌟 Love…

It'sme Lailaa says:

Hi Jane, subbie from London. This is by far one of my fave vlogs. I’m looking to buy a pre- loved speedy 25, can you recommend some trusted sellers? Thanks! Love your collection ❤️

powita is watching says:

Beautiful collection. Love it 💖

Caroline Gatland says:

Wow what a fab collection lv is my favourite and love the chanel oh and the gucci oh and the mulberry I have 10 Louis vuitton and still going vintage is best thank you Jayne for sharing x

Tahmina Akhtar says:

Loved it! And you sold your mulberry lilys?😂🙈 I remember you had so many xxx

Claire Wiles says:

Where's the lovely pink Gucci you bought the other day?

kings043 says:

Lovely handbags , like the mulberry blue too

Lynn L says:

Beautiful collection!! Thanks for sharing!!

Laura Nowak says:

Yessss!! I have been waiting for this!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ to me this is a proper collection of designer bags!! Some staple designs mixed with some unique pieces!!! Fabulous!!!!

Bonkers 24 says:

What a collection!! I love the pink bayswater. I just love when a leather bag ages and the leather softens.

Dee_ Pena says:

Yeiii finally! I agree. With your favorite the fleur de Jais. . I have it too. And it’s the must beautiful handbag 🤩. Thanks for showing your collection 😇

LostincraftsGB says:

I’ve been waiting for this for ages. I love all your handbags. I’m not normally a LV fan, but some of your limited edition LV bags are gorgeous. I would love to see Ruby’s handbags and your non designer ones.

Claire Sutherland says:

Amazing collection. You have the most unusual bags. Loved it 😍

Sadie Round says:

You have the bag collection of dreams😍❤️💕

smokinokin66 says:

The Papillion flower faces look like it’s definitely Takashi Murakami! I love your collection- it’s divine!!

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