my Louis Vuitton handbag collection

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my Louis Vuitton handbag collection.

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pereisy says:

Wow! Amazing collection! Would love to see your Chanel bag reviews as I am currently saving up to buy my first Chanel and would love to hear about your experiences with this designer.

Msnyer4lyfe says:

Nice collection !

kimjo007 says:

Great collection!

TrueOh says:

I had a thought: you need a speedy bandoulier in your collection!

TrueOh says:

This collection you have is amazing! You have such impeccable taste, i’m sure you deserve all those beauties! I hope you would continue to make more videos in the future, I would love to hear more about your favorite bags 🙂

mrsmeli35 says:

You have all the lv bags I hope to own one day thanks for sharing 🙂

libra1375 says:

amazing collection.. thanks for sharing

zeniakg81 says:

Great collection. Thanks for sharing

fitjock1 says:

great job on first video, i would only suggest bringing the bags closer to you, for ease. hope to see more videos.

MsBlueMaude says:

Congrats on your first video! 🙂 you have a great LV collection, love it! I’d love to see a review on your prada (beautiful!) bag.. Maybe an accessories collection video?! I’ll keep a look out for your entire handbag collection video.. Thanks for sharing !! :0)

spldrotten10 says:

Stunning collection…USE them!!! They look great on you!!! Please keep doing handbag videos….we love them!!!

NN Fudzy says:

so… lovely collections

Valduccianono1 says:

Love the collection

somethingoso tee says:

I noticed you said you don’t use almost half of your bags. Enjoy those beautiful babies.


Very nice collection, thanks for sharing. 🙂 My favorites are the Artsy and the Alma.

midgreen100 says:

Great collection! Good job in first video.

ecarge1213 says:

amazing collection. ( Please keep posting.

ecarge1213 says:

amazing collection. ( Please keep posting.

neetu ahmed says:

Thank you MiSsChrisLV and 1HuggyMom1 means a lot, thanks for the encouragement

MissChrisLV says:

What a beautiful collection you have and great job on your first video!

1HuggyMom1 says:

Lovely collection!

neetu ahmed says:

thank you so much for your comment as you can see i was very nervous, your comment means a lot, yes I will be doing more videos, and I do not condone counterfeit

Dee Ward says:

I love what you said about fake bags I hate them as well, you can see your bags are the real deal.

Dee Ward says:

I love your LV collection thanks for showing us, I hope to see more videos from you!

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