My Louis Vuitton Collection | 2013

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Hey you! Thanks for checking out my Louis Vuitton collection. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed filming it. Here are the links of my unboxing/revi…

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Charm313 says:

what happened to your Neverful GM?

Naa Aa says:

omg! you are so sweet, thank you for the rely and posting the video of the types of sunglasses that fit in your LV sunglasses case.

carylhope says:

Thanks for the request Naa Aa. I just uploaded the video! 🙂

carylhope says:

Thanks for watching Lovelle77! 🙂

Lovelle77 says:

Great collection! Thanks for sharing Xx

Naa Aa says:

nice collection. can you do a video on the types of sunglasses that fit in the sunglasses case?

carylhope says:

Thanks pantai25. Yes, it’s been so easy to travel with the Menilmontant. 🙂

carylhope says:

Thanks Abbey Mugroso. 🙂

carylhope says:

Thanks Someday Shabby. 🙂

carylhope says:

Thank you MSpanders10! I followed you on IG as well. 🙂

carylhope says:

Thanks Renewed Gal. Will definitely check out your channel. :-)

carylhope says:

Thanks MsBlueMaude. I’ll work on putting up a video review on the sunglass case. 🙂

carylhope says:

Thank you smileystar774. :-)

carylhope says:

Thanks thelifeofaangel! I’m reaching for my epi pochette more than I expect I would. It certainly has been my go-to bag when I want to carry a small purse.

carylhope says:

Thank you fitjock1.

fitjock1 says:

wonderful personality! your collection is beautiful. i enjoyed watching. tks

thelifeofaangel says:

wow i watched the whole video and it was full of greatness you have such a diverse collection of prints. i love the milla clutch but want something in epi. the noir pochette looks like a great option with the silver hardware.

smileystar774 says:

Wonderful collection! 🙂 thank you for sharing! I want to get a mono cles now!

MsBlueMaude says:

Loved this video, really enjoyed it! U have a great collection.. I’d love to see a video on which sizes of glasses fit in the holder, I’ve been wondering this.. Thanks 🙂

Renewed Gal says:

Lovely collection caryl…congratulations! visit my channel too when u get the chance.. 🙂

MSpanders10 says:

I love you collection especially that gorgeous Azur Speedy B. I love the Speedy B! I subbed on IG love your snap shots! 🙂 I love your epi pochette and your black multi cles too.

Someday Shabby says:

Wow I love your collection. 🙂

Abbey Mugroso says:

Nice collection. Thanks for sharing :)

carylhope says:

Hi BobbyLovesLV! I returned it when I noticed a strong smell of the colored leather… It bothered me and I see no point of keeping it if I can’t enjoy it. 🙂

pantai25 says:

very nice collection! i have the Menilmontant MM and I just love it! great travel bag or just when you want to go hands-free.

BobbyLovesLV says:

Where was the ikat neverfull?!?

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