My Louis Vuitton Bag Collection 2014

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I’m back with my Louis Vuitton bag collection Video 🙂 Enjoy. xoxo Bags: 1. Neverfull MM damier ebène 2. Neverfull MM monogram canvas 3. Alma PM vernis Rouge…

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NaturalLuxeDiva says:

You have an amazing collection. I love your bags and I may get a pair of
the ballerina flats :-)

Yuppiecamper1 says:

Huuuh, is that me in two years? 🙂 You are absultly right, when you start
with one piece you wan’t to have more.

Your collection is wonderful and very special. 

MSpanders10 says:

Wow, you have a beautiful collection, I love it!

cutiekikay16 says:


midgreen100 says:

Love the Alma in black epi!!!! 

thelilestkat says:

I love that epi alma. I don’t know how practical it would be for everyday
though. That epi leather is gorgeous though. Glad you find the speedy b
most useful. I think that’s my next purchase. 

E Trasy says:

What is your favorite print the Damier Ebene or Monogram?

faith freemont says:

The Verona PM is so elegant and lady like, I think that’s my favorite of
all your bags. Thank you for showing us your collection.

kvloveslv says:

Beautiful collection!!! I agree with u. Once u get one you can’t stop. 

thelilestkat says:

Beautiful! Which is your favorite and which is your most used? :)

ambre31 says:

je suis fan de votre collection!
regarder ma video (ambre31)merci

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