My Full Louis Vuitton Collection (Requested by 300+ )

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Instagram: Deesobeautiful01 everything i own by Louis Vuitton 🙂 so far lol.

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ksjones9 says:

Well, your collect is so lovely…I have off brand..bags..but I wish I can afford the same..but can..Maybe, if I keep dreaming…

BalanceNi3ol3 says:

the third bag is called Citadine in Empreinte leather.

FashionDivaxo97 says:

im going to get my first Louis Vuitton handbag and my price range is 1050$ , I need your opinions on the neverfull gm and the speedy 35? 40? im worried about the straps on the neverfull snapping and im worried that the speedy will be a pain to carry in the elbow? thank you so much! Your like a Louis Vuitton expert with this! 🙂

luverboi00 says:

Love your collection. Please do a review on the square scarf tutorial 🙂

DeeSobeautiful says:

thank you 🙂 and no im from philly lol idk why people say i have a accent lol maybe i do i cant tell lol

DeeSobeautiful says:

thanks doll 🙂


Beautiful collection! Are you from Baltimore? I am only asking because of u accent and I am from Baltimore.

Chanel8582 says:

Great Collection Girlie !!!

MsZsharp says:

New subscriber!! Love your videos and your collection 🙂

MsZsharp says:

New subbie!! Love your videos and you collection :)

Kysh170 says:

Great collection. And congrats on your weight loss journey.

EbonieButterfly says:

very nice collection

lailaali100 says:

Wow love ur collection ! X

Machiavellian1975 says:

My oh my, what an amazing collection you have !

Guhbubbish says:

Beautiful collection!

DeeSobeautiful says:

thank you 🙂 and yes people ask all the time lol i thank i might do a vid on them 🙂

DeeSobeautiful says:

thank you 🙂

DeeSobeautiful says:

hey love ! im not sure if i would or not i love my collection so i tend to hold on to them

DeeSobeautiful says:

thanks doll 🙂 i had a special place for my bags and stuff but im redoing it now thats why they in the boxes lol and i dont keep them on the floor lol they on the floor cause im doing the vid lol

Motions86 says:

Love your tattoos (-: you should share your stories/reasons behind each one. I’m sure I’m not the only curious person. Lol

sharrnette campbell says:

You have a beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing!

RambleHome HaulOut says:

1st Congrats on your journey. That is major progress! Lots of good items.

uptowngrl575 says:

Very nice!  You have an extension collection hun

fitjock1 says:

hi dee, love the video. can you do a separate video on just the lv wallets. your likes and dislikes of each one. tks

kbmoyo says:

This is an amazing collection!

MsToyJoy1 says:

Love your hair.

cowboyboom says:

Great collection & congrats on the weight loss!

che tiandra says:

loved the video, great collection

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