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Here is my long awaited Chanel unboxing!!! DID YOU ENTER THE GIVEAWAY? BEST SKINCARE OF 2012 PLUS GIVEAWAY VIDEO: …

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BYoonique says:

Thank you for the correction! It IS very similar though – the history of the love letters in the zippered pockets, etc. which are still in the new classic version. Wow you are an expert! 🙂 

Amy s says:

that is incorrect. Karl designed the 2.55 “reissue” in 2005 that was identical to Coco’s original 2.55. Coco’s original 2.55 bag did not have the CC logo, nor did it have leather in the chain. The 2.55 (Coco) and the classic flap (Karl) are not the same bag.

BYoonique says:

Yes but Karl’s version is the exact same design as the original 1955 one designed by Coco.

Amy s says:

there are mistakes when you are describing the history of your bag. the classic flap was designed by Karl Lagerfeld in the 80’s. Coco died in 1971.

BYoonique says:

LOL I know right? But I love it so much, I feel like I’m walking on clouds hahha

LookDuJour says:

its beautiful :O 😀
But omg I’m SO clumsy I feel like I would be walking with a ticking time bomb!!! LOL

Greta Garbo says:

Oh shout up, jealous

iggykipz says:

you wish you were as pretty as me. ps, its spelt channel not chanel learn to type ey?

BYoonique says:

Well, I’m still not sure if I would have bought it right now if I had to pay the full price, but like I said in the video, I had a LOT of gift cards saved up so it didn’t hurt so much! 😀 I thought about for a loooong time, so I don’t regret it! I love it 🙂

Lee Kwang Soo says:

I guess so, do you regret spending that much on a bag though? Or was it worth it?

marjorietyler1 says:


BYoonique says:

They say you have to be a lady to carry a Chanel, so I am up to the challenge and keep it pristine! LOL

cindymczee says:

Omg! Love the white chanel handbag! Great choice of color, you are “fearless to choose a color that is difficult to keep clean! 😉 Simply gorgeous!!!,

Wynn H says:

Can you do an updated video of this baby? Thanks!

BYoonique says:

It’s like how men want fancy watches, cars, electronics maybe? 🙂

BYoonique says:

At the end of the day, it’s just a bag. Good luck!! 😀

Lee Kwang Soo says:

I don’t get why girl’s want these bag’s in the first place?


So glad I came across this video! I can totally relate to what you said about justifying the cost of a bag. I’m in that current situation for a Louis Vuitton bag. Obviously not as expensive as Chanel, but can’t justify 2800 buck (yet) lol! Thanks for sharing!!

KandyKipty123 says:

great video! you definitely deserve such a gorgeous bag

monchichi52 says:

Your video helped me remind myself if what is most important. 🙂

jessYpepe24 says:

I have been wanting a Chanel bag but I can’t since I live in South Carolina 🙁 nd I can’t just purchase the bag online:( ….

BYoonique says:

Thank you. That means a lot!

Michelle Boyd says:

I love your bag, but I love your priorities more 🙂 Beautiful bag, personality and woman. congratulations on your gorgeous bag and being an all around person 😀

BYoonique says:

No wait. It was a limited edition color for this season. About the caviar inside color question, for a black bag?

ZedAytch says:

5:57 for the unboxing 

BYoonique says:

I’m so glad that you were able to be introspective. It’s really sad for me to see young girls be so obsessed with luxury things… regardless of how much money they/their family have. I would never even think of carrying chanels in college, you know? I think it’s nice to save some things for later in life when you are “woman” enough to pull them off without looking pretentious.

BYoonique says:

!! Lucky you!!!!

BYoonique says:

Thanks! Will stop by!

Jane LSR says:

love your opinion about how to feel the luxury things! I have a friend who sees luxury bags and shoes as her whole life, since we almost together every day I got impaction from her and its really bother me and make me feel tired, recently I’ve introspection myself and came out the same opinion as yours then i feel much better and my life came back to the right track again:) I got the black one but haven’t used it yet since it is very small…:( anyway love your video and you are very very cute:)

angelbirdbb says:

Love Chanel!!!! Check out my Chanel videos too!!! BTW, Love your channel subbed!!! Hope you like my channel too;)

Alain Montalbo says:

I love how happy you look. I remember my first Chanel. My Aunt gave me her vintage jumbo in Caviar leather. I remember screaming at the top of my lungs. So I know the feeling 😉

Fedya7894DUDE says:


lala55488 says:

I appreciate the way you showed how to responsibly shop for expensive items. “If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t buy it” is a very healthy way to approach expensive brands. Thank you for this video!!!!!!!

BYoonique says:

Great for you!!!! You have your whole life ahead of you to get bags 🙂

flowerfloss180 says:

Thanks for the awesome advice! I bought a cheaper bag and saving the rest for whatever!

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