My first 2019 Louis Vuiton Speedy 30 (Early Mother's Day gift!)

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This was supposed to be an unboxing but as you know life isn’t perfect. I went through technical difficulties with my camera during the initial recording so any recording after that wouldn’t be an initial unboxing. However I did do a Review on this beautiful Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 and I hope you enjoy! Comment below for any questions. Below are links to purchase the speedy and Organizer.

LV Monogram Speedy 30

Speedy 30 Organizer

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Angela Critters says:

What a sweet husband you have. I love the Speedy 30. I love how the leather changes color too. Perfect bag for your IPad. Enjoy.

AddieNatural R says:

Wow that’s an awesome gift. You not me cause I would’ve put it back in the box and do my unboxing lolll but nice video❤️

Vikbarz Migo says:

God stuff and expensive too.

Queen Sapphire says:

Hey hun omg I’m loving the bag 😍😍

Queen Rocks Locs TV says:

New friend here ❣️

Queen Rocks Locs TV says:

I luv dat bag 😍

Shawna says:

I love it sis @Brenda Views

TheHernandez Boyz says:

Happy Early Mothers Day what a great purse 👍👍

Bee Rose says:

Girl I love your bag it's gorgeous

Aileen Krell says:

That’s a wonderful lv bag.

Nigel N Noah Here to Show Ya says:

Happy mother's day to all the mothers out there, Lovley bag

JackieNaturals says:

Amazing bag & your husband is AWESOME!!! We met earlier today some wanted to stop by and support. New friend & the bell is on.

Bossy says:

That is a cute little bag!

Tessy white says:

The bag is really beautiful, and you are beautiful too.

Red Beauty says:

Hello beautiful! I love your personality!



The G Family says:

I love the bag, I just need a nice big one.

All Around Vegan says:

Great stuff!! And thanks for the infor about the organizers


Omg super cute love it new to your channel excited to check out the rest of it

BigHec says:

Dayummm…. Louie V…. Ballin…. Nice… Very Nice… Thank u for the content…. great video 😊🤗❤

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