My Emotional Return To The Maison Valentino Runway During Paris Fashion Week

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See how the Maison Valentino show during PFW came to life and witness up close, Pierpaolo’s creative genius and his beautiful creations. Closing this show for the legendary Valentino house after 14 years, with the most unbelievably diverse cast, was an experience and an honor I will cherish forever.




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Alissia Phillip says:

Soft voice “girls don’t leave” 😂 sounds like they use to have a lot of fun together the Super Models of the 90s THE ONLY super models…Love how Naomi has evolved and speaks up for equality. After the Tyra story, it shows she has matured and become wiser-without physically aging!

Edgar Perez says:

you are beautiful God bless you 😍😍😍

Rajesh Jaipur says:


Aleksandr WOLFE says:


fopifop fopifop says:

My first experience labell dress will be Valentino for sure

Michael Doyle says:

NC is free with the hugs and kisses to her deserving. In fact, the truth is unavoidable. She is a pretentious, very stupid, appalling human being. She is no Audrey Hepburn.

Mauricio Vera says:

i always watch this every other day, this is so relaxing and such a nice vibe of you Naomi.

alexander callasti says:

You didnt hit with frying pan nobody this time 😀

Angels cry says:

Omg I love you 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 this is epic

Living4life58 says:

That dress was made for you. And regardless of your inner emotions, you walked like a graceful, regal queen…so beautiful. It wasn’t just about a beautiful dress; it was about so much more. Thank you!

Sara Meli says:

This Instagram age is NOTHING compared to the golden age of super models. These women like Naomi embody the art of fashion

Tsetsi says:

Oh… she’s had cheek implantos!

小玛丽 says:

These dresses just screammm red carpet !!🥰

Luc Praslan says:

Gee she's looking old. Not enough cocaine snorting or phone throwing.

Suu Vo says:

Click the link to watch "Naomi get her Diva".

Katrin Goddess says:

Naomi can rock the runway at any age and be the queen over there. Ain't no model age frames exist for her!!! Its amazing!! A true legend!

Culture of Wellness says:

Haute couture at its finest.

D Kim says:

oh gosh I'm crying too!

Sui says:

Naomi’s Youtube channel needs more subscriber. I’m so in love with this woman since I was 9 years old.

Kiia.H says:

This is beautiful 💖

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