Most Ridiculous Haul Ever ft. Chanel, Hermes & Primark

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OPEN ME:. AHHHHHHHHHHHH I finally put up a video, I have to apologise for the lack of videos over the last 2 weeks but I think this haul vid really makes u…

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moonprincess1000 says:

love love love your style! so classy!

muskatsn says:

Hi Ally! I just tagged you in my ‘YouTube Made Me Buy It’ Tag. I hope you will do the tag 🙂

huysuzally says:

all the things people can wonder in this odd world but they wonder how can you afford that ?
forget them i just do what ever makes you happy

nothinfancyreally says:

Majorly jealous right now, haha! Beautiful items and I love your new hair, really brings out your eyes. x

Kelsey MooMoo says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE that Chanel Bifold, oh myyyy <3 I really want the Vintage Chanel weekender tote bag that miley cyrus has, do you know if they sell them in the London Chanel store Ally?? xxx

Cori Lynn says:

Would also like to know, love the scarf Ally!!!!

PretentiousPink says:

DO you have the details on the valentino coat? I was looking for it and can’t find it.

PretentiousPink says:

seriously…..LOVE  that coat!!! Great find!

accordingtoAlaska says:

where in Belgium do your grandparents live? I’m from Leuven 😀 x

RWD Design says:

i neeeeeeeed u to do a detailed jumbo flap vid….its gorg…and the price??? happy moving x

boopster2013 says:

This is the strangest video for a coupple of reasons, but main one is because in your last video you said you were selling your high end items and not going to buy high end purchases because you “needed to get in the real world now that you are moving” I just find it strange that you said that, and then next video you have the biggest splurge haul ever!!

Freya Killin says:

Loooooove the bag, amazing! Would you ever get a celine handbag, only wondering as its a bag I lust after too.bit of advice also shall I buy mulberry del rey, alexander wang Diego or a Lv speedy?

Simone Verhage says:

Ally pls dont stop making hauls! Ignore the stupid comments. Can u please do a top 5 bag video? Or more ootd!

samo647 says:

Love your scarf , where is it from ?

christine markussen says:

Lovely haul ;))) congrats;))

keodi1 says:

Great Video! Ive love to see your updated Handbag Video!

chanel addict says:

i love the bag and the wallet ,you cant go wrong with chanel hun , enjoy xxxx

LuxeLifeAspirations says:

Love love love the Hermes bracelet!

LinaFlyg says:

So sorry to hear that you couldn’t keep your puppy! Love your haul, both the Chanel wallet and bag are amazing. The Chanel double flap bag is my dream bag but it will take a while before I can afford it, have been thinking of buying a vintage one but I’m afraid to get a fake one….

xmissdiorx1 says:

I thought you already had this black Chanel from your older videos

Lala PP says:

Any ways love watching your videos girl friend 🙂

Lala PP says:

*Oops* Because she’s able to afford them

Lala PP says:

Why would you watch videos like this and make horrible comments? STOP watching them if you don’t like them! I can’t afford that bag but that doesn’t mean I’ll bitch it and be rude to Ally just because Shea m

JennyErin says:

Congrats on the new beauties Ally! Since you have changed up your collection so much, maybe you could do another handbag collection video, I would love to see what its at now!

Brenda Carrasco says:

Do you still own the Chanel executive tote? I’m really curious about how the bag has held up since you purchased it and how much sag the leather has developed.

walkoffashionblog says:

I live vicariously through you and your haul videos! That bag is GORGEOUS!

Chastity Smith says:

Hi Ally! I would love to see a review of your jumbo please and thank you!

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

I’ve been looking for a black wallet with the bright pink, your new wallet is gorgeous.

Barclays87 says:

Where have you had a good experience selling your handbags? Do you use t

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Cute coat, very Kate Middleton 🙂

Barclays87 says:

Great info on getting the Chanel repaired. I can’t believe that bag is over 10 years.  It’s beautiful!

IqRandom says:

You really need to do a Chanel Guide and Work Outfits video!

ButterflyMeadow1 says:

I love that chanel wallet! And I’m loving your scarf you’re wearing – where is it from please? Thanks x

Jeremy S says:

Please film an updated bag collection! 🙂

Annie Wong says:

Hi Ally. I just got that wallet here in the Chanel boutique in Singapore. And yes, I love that it’s black on black (there’s another wallet that’s white on black) and the bright almost blinding pink that greets me when I open the wallet X

Mirit Grinberger says:

Great chanel wallet!

Mirit Grinberger says:

From Where your scarf is?

Mana Smith says:

sorry due not do

Kristina R. says:

omg where do you live? People “dumping” pets? Just WHERE do you live? In Germany they´d go to jail for that, which is absolutly right! Not to mention the media and social killing of the offender.

Mana Smith says:

I’m afraid you misunderstood me. My puppy has been to the vet and is on the mend. However do to the stress and worry, I have been eating a lot of cakes and cookies. I said I should shop instead of over eating when I’m stressed. All the junk food I’ve bought could have bought something really expensive by now. But my puppy’s vet bills have been taken care off. And my puppy always comes first. Make sure you’ve properly read something before you’re rude.

Kristina R. says:

So you think a desinger goods collection is more important than working less and keeping the dog? How mature must one be to adopt a pet and then give it up for more bags?

Kristina R. says:

chanel bag is more important than the vet? If the vet deosn´t do concider changing vets! But the bag is more important than the living beeing right?!

coquetteloves says:

Great haul! Now I know why you were selling all your bags. The jumbo is so worth it! So sorry to hear about your puppy. I have a dog and totally understand. They are like babies for sure. xo

msltoe15 says:

i also have a bit of a chanel addiction! if you don’t mind my asking, you mentioned saving and waiting for a really long time for your new bag but i see a couple of birkins hanging in the background and have seen at least 2 others in another video (newer subscriber). most people start with chanel and work towards hermes since it’s sooo expensive! did you inherit them or get them as gifts (cuz that would be awesome!) i’m loving your bag collection!!!

frenchboulangerie says:

How are you making all this money? Your house looks really cheap.

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