Most Outrageous Pregnancy Look EVER !!! Kim Kardashian at the GIVENCHY Fashion show in New York City

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We spotted the Hip Hop superstar Kanye West and his wife, the very pregnant Kim Kardashian, arriving at the GIVENCHY Spring Summer 2016 Fashion show in New York City

Friday 11th, September 2015. New York City, USA
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Rania Lola says:

kim big cow / your hesbend big doog hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

basscoverage says:

Wtf is there gonna be a BDSM show later on?

Giles says:

WTF…….Ahhhh ha ha ha ha. Why you not a hobbit? Lol

Tara Bushong says:

Why would u let your wife wear that? Fucking bitch he lets his wife be a slut

Dina Volkova says:

Idiot, she is an idiot

MsPrincess1347 says:

he got fake leg duh

MsPrincess1347 says:

straight hoe

koly says:

لا أحد يستطيع إرجاع الزمن إلى الخلف وبدء حياة جديدة، ولكنه يستطيع الآن أن يضع بداية جديدة ليسطر نهاية جديدة. – غسان كنفاني

Michele Mari says:

her maternity style is super slutty ?

Emmy Golden says:

Tuba baser just because they have a better life than you does not mean you can call Kim a slut because she wanted to show her baby belly

justin pitts says:

this bitch looks like someone I seen on pornhub

Kel Tomlin says:

Why must Kim ALWAYS be scantilly clad? Even whilst with child? The term "streetwalker" sharply comes to mind during this clip.

Eliana Souza says:

matéria paga,pivô besta

Monet McDonald says:

Is Kanye wearing a macaroni necklace?It must have taken Kim hours to make after she figured out your not supposed to boil the noodles first.

sweetcheeks20 says:


BuggingBunny says:

Trying too hard to be sexy. I think her husband makes her wear such shitty outfits because before she use to dress fine if not amazing. And plus look at all the attention she gets by wearing such a stupid costume ?

Cousin Fucker says:

I'd hate to see the end result of breeding Stupid Arrogant Narcissist with Talentless Attention Whore.

lanabooklover says:

She looks good if people stop saying things like "oh she faking it" or "she too fat" or "she too thin"

serenity s says:

sooooo much hate… wow… leave her alone miserable ass poeple… you wish you had her life… get a fucking life cancerous haters… SHE IS GOOOOORGEOUS

Jes Tinto says:

they look pathetic

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