Morrissey – Christian Dior

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First released as a b-side to his 2006 single “In the Future When All’s Well”, then included in ” Swords”. Christian Dior, you wasted your life on aroma and …

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CaptainOatwright says:

classic,sweeping melody reminiscent of Lay Lady Lay. Wasted as a b side.

Lucky Looker says:

Well he died in 1957 so not much.

momech65 says:

Wonder what Mr. Dior thought of this?

TheAmbitiousOutsider says:

thank you

TheAmbitiousOutsider says:

thank you

TheAmbitiousOutsider says:

thank you

squorly says:

this is a great song, the lyrics are brilliant, and thanks for putting the images together TAO

tobyluke1 says:

I wrote my personal take on the song below, hope you like it.

tobyluke1 says:

Very beautiful song. The hidden secret to this song is that Christian Dior was a hero. He was a French Resistance fighter. Thus, Morrissey’s seeming chastisement of him is a metaphor. Morrissey’s muse is masculinity. He’s saying “you don’t think you’re man, and you may be ashamed of what you have done with your life, but beneath that is your own personal heroism which you don’t ever talk about”. As men often don’t. Very saccherine I know, but Morrissey is sticking up for the men of world!

MissMusicLifeSex says:

<3 love moz x

seacroftwheelers says:

Please, where is The Skinners Arms as in the video?

twocountries says:

@theambitiousoutsider. Thankyou for this beautiful collection of pictures from the the one we love and the one who saved our lifes.
Altough it’s been 20 years i’m still in love with him and you choose a brilliant song.

tobyluke1 says:

Awesome song! Does any other artist produce great b sides these days? No…

theaceofspades56 says:

Love this song! Great pics to go along with aswell! Thank you!

TheAmbitiousOutsider says:

Yes it’s me, Thank You 🙂

Mazarine1972 says:

Wonderful collection of images — thanks for sharing! I take it that’s you at 1.50? A worthy likeness 🙂

mollymaemorrissey says:

“To the wealthy & famous who surround us, with with news that bombards us and give nothing but tabloid ink. You stink! Take your money & time and save a friends life. Your new friend maybe only 10 pounds and cost less than 10 pounds, but in the end, your new friend will save you. Loneliness and sadness no longer resound, because of what you have found. A friend who has saved your life.” second chance dog near you….your friend is waiting.

amtrotec2 says:

A true b-side!
Thank you!

MrBelorix says:

Benritrovato Francè, come sempre eccellente, questo come minimo, abbracci e saluti da Paranor

YoungestMostLoved says:

Thank you Sooooooo Much !!!

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