Miss Dior – The new film (Official Director’s Cut)

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Enter the new chapter of Miss Dior on: on.dior.com/missdior Watch the new film directed by Anton Corbijn, starring Natalie Portman. A New Miss Dior. #itsmissactually Music : Janis Joplin -…

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John Darr says:

After seeing that awful Chanel add with Pharrell, this is a nice breath of
fresh air! Good music, coherent story, beautifully shot

Vestite con Estilo says:

No soy señora, soy Miss (Dior) #FashionFilm #Dior

Wyan Woit says:

Ahh… Natalie Portman….always stunning <3 :)

Greer Lindsay says:

That was so cool..and such a perfect song choice – ah! who would have

hipermag.com says:

Вижте най-новата реклама на Dior с Натали Портман тук
#мода #стил #dior 

MANIFESTO Magazine says:

WATCH: Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

Natalie Portman plays a runaway bride in this short film by Dior, directed
by Anton Corbijn (‘A Most Wanted Man’, ‘The American’). Our takeaway? That
bespoke wedding dress is to die for. #itsmissactually

mateusz dudzinski says:

lovely woman

birdAdele says:

Oh my God I love Mr. Corbijn, love Ms. Portman, I adore this perfume, and
having all three in one film is just wonderful!
P.S. Also starting to love the song ;)

Jeanne Pivoine says:

Gorgeous, stunning, brilliant. The video indeed took a piece of my heart!

zlatko subotic says:

She is sooo pretty.Naturale Beauty :)

Mayte Villalva says:

OMG!! I love it!!! 

Now Smell This says:

Natalie Portman, directed by Anton Corbijn, for Miss Dior. Plus, Janis.

Odelle Hadnum says:

This advert stole a piece of our hearts… <3

Candice Antczak says:

Nouveau film pour Miss Dior!

Dorati Kan says:

It’s Miss …. Actually

TheMrLink says:

Still the most beautiful woman in the world.

Pactar con says:

Natalie Portman (casi) se nos casa pero… #itsmissactually #MissDior 

Martha D says:

Love it!

Cristina says:

the new #missdior film is out! Don’t miss it +Christian Dior 

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