Mirada Smoking Yves Saint Laurent

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Aprende a crear la Mirada Smoking Yves Saint Laurent de la mano de nuestro Director Artístico Lloyd Simmonds.

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yummypenguin615 says:

That lipstick…. <3

Akawette says:

why did he have to add the red lipstick, that’s too much ! Her eyes look stunning in that make up ..

Razan Mcblah says:

looks like a raccoon jacked up on meth rather than “smokey”

melimocha849 says:

Incredibly beautiful eye makeup.

Amy Escobar R. says:


Chris Miller says:

Great video: YSL idea: Yves St. Laurent Face/Cheek protectors slips. They work like little sheets over the under eye area with adhesive strips connected to the ears. Protects lower face from excesses(shadows/pwders.)/C.M.

ivybyvivi says:

Love the eyes !!

Karen DOUGLAS says:

J’adore ! wow !!

superbe pour les yeux bleus !

Sara S. says:


PrincessSakuno says:

wow its so mezmerising, her stare.
That was amazing

xjbcgx says:

wow, ysl

Rissychan says:

The model looks stunning with this look but I wouldn’t try it on myself since I have dark eyes as weel as dark hair …

Veryirresistible88 says:

lov+e this look

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