MILAN Fashion Week VLOG ★

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Hiiiii my loves! I went to Milan for the first time ever too see the Dsqaured2 show! Thank you Dean and Dan and the whole team for an amazing stay x I LOVE U ITALY!

Song used in the vlog: EMINDS020 – A “Two Chords Deep”

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Snapchat- pixiejoanna


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bobby rick says:

like a video on your social media growth

bobby rick says:

so a vlog which you explain how you got to be so succesful with an online career

Virginia Pieters says:

I need her song playlist

yollieees says:

the cutest little thing. 💕

I Don't Know Elisa says:

Please do a skin care routine I neeeed it

I Don't Know Elisa says:

I’m here for this 💗💗💗

annniia p says:

what about your camera? what kind of firm and model is it?

Jays ASMR says:

You give off a cute 60’s vibe

joshua quinter says:

ya laak sa gaad 😒

joshua quinter says:

why you speak like song i dont know i can tell this are you understand? why hellooooo not hello..

Louisa Yvonne says:

Make-up Routine???

Amanda Białka says:

Masz najsłodsze paznokcie jakie widziałam! ♥ Więcej vlogów proszę! Może what i eat albo skincare routine? ♥♥♥ love you queen ♥

Daniela says:

your lookbooks are what i live for

Daniela says:

we all need a skincare routine, daily makeup and outfits video ASAP!!!

d a r i n g says:

Whats the game in the beginning?

Ryanne Montero says:

morning or night routine please! ily xx

sunsbookishgamesx says:

You need botw for your switch

Maddü Jaurebello Stylinson says:

Hey babeee, brazil loves you 💕

yeah baby says:

what's your source of income because howw do you buy all these beauuuutiful expensive ass clothes 😍

Leah M says:

yayyy another vlog, love u x

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