Men’s Fashion Week Paris SS19 | Ami, Cerruti 1881, Hermes, Officine Generale, Lanvin

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A recap of Men’s Paris SS19 Fashion Week featuring Ami, Cerruti 1881, Hermes, Officine Generale, and Lanvin fashion shows.

Check out my looks from Milan’s Fashion Week:

And Pitti Uomo 94:

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Rainer Thurnher says:

Love the LAVIN-Outfit! <3

Delfi 2010 says:

Cerruti 1881

Kunyi Deng says:

Could you tell us the background music of part 1 in this video? hhhh

JoshL077 says:

love the outfits man!!!! wow

30m3 says:

Collection wise Lanvin was the most interesting, but I've been into AMI for a years now as I love what they do.

Im Estia says:

Paris was the best fashion week by far

erwyn cubacub says:

I’m so excited love the brown monochromatic look. You look like a walking chocolate 🍫 bar yum 😋. Love the second show and their long jackets 🧥. Omg love Hermès looks. Want that white long jacket so badly. I love when people experiment with fashion and style

puru dc says:

Do designers pay bloggers to wear their clothes for the show only i am confused any one know influencers ger paid to attemd and get paid to attain the showss????.

Andres Garcia says:

I luv your style and have beed following for years but y do want to make a constructive critique: You visited 3 cities and attended great shows but we just get 4 mins of all your experience?? I would like to see more thoroughness in your shared experience and more in depth information regarding your views on the evolution of mens fashion. It seems these brands pay you to showcase their work buy you coverage is just too plain and superficial. You are a style expert and that is why I follow you but lately it seems you and other fashion influencers just care about sponsorships and have forgotten about in depth quality content. If I want to see a shave product placement I certainly have many ways for that. Really underwhelmed about this content. Greetings from a longtime follower.

Yaki Tori says:

Ami is a very cool brand, pricey but cool.

Kevin Lpz says:

I’m so in love with the Lanvin look, new in your channel and I can proudly say that I’m part of the #ODSquad

hinduspl says:

+One Dapper Street whats that hermes paris jacket at 1:52 ? where to look at this model ? Thanks for sharing.

Djyon Eanes says:

Honestly these outfits that you brought out were some of the best outfits I have ever seen you pull off. they were so amazing!!!

Muhammad Shahroze says:

Superb job as usual. I like how you tried to go diff this time.

njuafed71 says:

Another crazy stuffs from fashion designers

igits sss says:

Waw i wanna try your style.. look like my teste

John Joshua says:

Where’s the luggage from?


Do you have German origins? you have a german accent when you said "Hermes officine general"

DDomino Geronimo says:

The suit 💎💎💎

Khalid Brown says:

All the outfits look awesome it look like that 2019 s/s fashion will be on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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