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Hey Guys, in this video I wanted to share with you the top trends for men’s fashion in 2016 for clothing and sneakers/shoes. I hope you guys enjoy as always give this video some LIKES so I know if you like these types of videos.

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Tristan Guillemette says:

Auto focus annoys me a lot buddy.. Axcept that.. Very good

Hass Murad says:

Thank you for the update ‼️‼️ dope as always

frankie luquis says:

Do you have a video of essentials you need for a wardrobe

Style By Hector says:

Right on the money with the trends my friend! Also peak lapels on blazers and overcoats.

Camron Hale says:

I wish you would make a video about how to save money and afford nice name-brand clothing. It's sometimes hard to dress good on a budget :)))

Matthew Lapping says:

Love this guy always looks amazing he could wear anything and still look hot 😍😍

Matej Lecnik says:

Great video again!

NortexG - Art says:

I'm gonna get some military boots and wear them nonstop!

Isaiah Gutierrez says:

This helped me out major appreciate the videos 💯👌🏽🔥

Zeph Pascasio says:

Great video man👍🏾 , seems as if your camera has a hard time focusing :/ but keep up the G R E A T work.

qdaguy says:

Video on layering?

qdaguy says:

Cool good looking trends !

Josias says:

You underrated YouTuber👍

The Crusader says:

You don't do hats?  Do you feel silly wearing them?  I thought that black fedora looked cool on you.  Cool video.  I hope you have a video on Chelsea & chukka boots in your playlist….I want some this fall.

Steven says:

great video! Ready for fall.

R.i.p Adventure Time says:

when will that lookbool you were talking about be out?

Matt Raker says:

Great video, man. Loved this sit down style, keep up the good work!

R.i.p Adventure Time says:

fall by far fav season 😍😍 love the vid neemzzzy!

H.J Smith says:

Could you do a "how to style a leather jacket" video? Love your style man

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