Medavog talks Hermes Paris France – Vintage Couture Skirt

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Episode #45 Video is to showcase my couture vintage collections that spans 200 years! Exclusive videos for YOUTUBE and to be seen as “Cyber Museum Quality” Q…

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TheRedCoke says:

I love hermes to, maybe you can buy me a shirt with a nice hermes tie to go with it

mcqueen12345667 says:

Francisco as a comment above asked Iam also very curious “nosy” as to how you store these tresures!

robertpina99 says:

I think you should do a video about how you store your collections.

medavog says:

Thank you Lilly!

LillyBunnyBoo says:


Thank you! 😀

ElPapiMasChulo says:

Yo nunca imagine que yo estaria interesado en el mundo de moda, pero tus videos son tan interesantes y yo estoy aprendiendo mucho cada dia. Gracias, Francisco. (I never imagined that I would be interested in the world of fashion, but your videos are so interesting and I’m learning so much every day. Tnank you, Francisco.

wildheart5 says:

They got their orange in there, didn’t they! Is it a wool or wool blend?

GaryS1217 says:

I was wondering when Hermes was going to enter the picture!!!
My Hermes Tweed Jacket and Ties are among my favorite dress items.
Oh, and a framed Silk Scarf…
Fab, Thanks

christopherinsc1981 says:

Hey my friend! I see you have got your channle partner now! How cool is that!!! So happy for you!! It is about time too!

medavog says:

Thank you!

canadianstudmuffin says:

Very cool :)

proofisinthepudding says:

Looks like you got your partner stuff figured out!:)

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